Joon Park (AI-augmented)

Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies is pleased to announce that Professor Joon Park has been selected for a prestigious Syracuse University Meredith Professorship

 Meredith Professors are selected based on their overall excellence as teachers and on their potential to contribute to the improvement of the teaching and learning environment across the university. Those considered for the award must have a record of significant scholarly or creative activity.

 “I believe the journey to this Meredith Professorship has been a collaborative achievement, one I could not have embarked on without the support of my colleagues and students,” Park said. “I extend my deepest appreciation to my School for their faith in nominating me, to the iSchool and University committees for their diligent selection efforts, and to the students for their inspiration and support. With genuine humility, I would like to share this honor and pleasure with them.”

 Park specializes in higher education and information security and has demonstrated exceptional proficiency in research, teaching, and service. His achievements encompass the publication of more than 100 peer-reviewed research papers, recognition with Best Paper awards, U.S. patents, active involvement in various research and education grants, extensive media publicity, and other contributions. 

 Park serves as the university’s Point of Contact for the National Center of Academic Excellence in Cybersecurity (CAE-C) designations by the National Security Agency (NSA) for both Education and Research. In 2021, the iSchool honored him with the Jeffrey Katzer Professor of the Year award. 

 Park describes his teaching approach as innovative and rooted in fundamental educational principles rather than being confined to basic training. His approach imparts knowledge and fosters critical thinking and a deeper understanding among students, setting it apart from conventional training methods. 

 “I actively promote student involvement in both academic and research context, effectively linking classroom learning with real-world professional scenarios,” he said. “Additionally, I emphasize the importance of a classroom being a conducive and safe environment for the exchange of diverse viewpoints.”

 Park pinpoints significant challenges within traditional higher education, particularly the increased complexity and diversity. These challenges emerge from the necessity to cover a broader spectrum of course materials, to accommodate students with diverse backgrounds and varied skill levels, and to meet different expectations — all constrained by a fixed teaching and learning schedule. To address these challenges, through his Meredith teaching theme, he takes the initiative that embraces AI-augmented approaches to higher education across various disciplines. This broad applicability will contribute to advancing teaching excellence at the University.