iSchool sophomore Ghufran Salih is campaigning for Student Association President with her running mate Kyle Rosenblum, a junior in Arts & Sciences. Ghufran, Kyle, and the rest of the campaign team hope to actively represent students. Their mission: to get students more involved in the school community.  Students ask yourself: why not now?

“If we don’t start asking ‘why not now?’ we’ll never see what comes next!” – Ghufran Salih ’20

Get to Know Ghufran!

Ghufran is a sophomore in the iSchool majoring in Information Management and Technology with a minor in physics. After her time here at Syracuse University, she hopes to go into a field where she can help people and work with them face-to-face.

“I want to work in the medical technology field. I want to be able to help patients and talk to doctors, to make things go more efficiently in the hospital. But who knows, I could decide to be a rodeo clown in the future. But no matter what field I go into, I want to have a job the lets me work in teams.”

A normal day in the life of Ghufran consists of waking up and going to class, sitting at the front desk in Schine helping to answer any questions she can, then going to club activities such as FYP or Muslim Students Association. She always makes sure to leave time for homework: “I try to make everyday different!”

Now with the addition of the campaign, time management and collaborative skills are a crucial part of getting tasks done on time. Ghufran admits it can be difficult at times. It’s a lot of planning and seeing if those plans can follow through. She owes her ability to manage her time to her Google calendar for helping her delegate tasks.

Ghufran is thankful for her Syracuse experience for getting her out of her shell. “In high school, I stayed in a bubble, I would always restrict myself because of how shy I was,” Ghufran said. However, she has overcome her shyness and is now vlogging for the InfoSpace blog and running for a position to represent her fellow students.

Campaigning for SA

Despite the campaign being a lot of work, Ghufran loves meeting with the various campus organization and groups to hear what they have to say. “We haven’t had a student org that hasn’t challenged us and made this entire experience amazing,” she said. Being a student at the iSchool, there is a lot of adjustment required to move into the world of politics. Ghufran believes the iSchool has prepared her for this adventure.

“The attitude people give out in the iSchool is that if they want something, they go out and do it. That’s what I hope to bring to this campaign.” – Ghufran Salih ’20

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Syracuse University Studets: The voting period is April 9th to April 12th on MySlice; It doesn’t matter who you vote for, just make sure you vote!