Queens Library. Image courtesy of Queens Library - http://www.queenslibrary.org/

Library Friday: Queens Library

This semester I’m enrolled in the course, IST 613: Library Planning, Marketing, and Assessment. I’ve been assigned to revitalize a youth literacy program for four to seven-year-old English language learners who come to Syracuse from all over the world. Three weeks ago, a group of us library science students visited the Boston Public Library. We were … Continued

Internet-connected home security: What can go wrong?

Internet Connected Home Security Systems: What Can Go Wrong?

“What can go wrong?” is a blog series on the risks associated with using “Internet of Things” smart devices like phones, cars, webcams and voice control devices like Amazon Echo. Home monitoring and security systems sales are on the rise. “People are becoming more safety conscious,” says Rory Russell, owner, Acquisition and Funding Services (AFS), Kattskill … Continued

Syracuse University iSchool Library Science Road Trip to Boston

Library Science Road Trip: Boston

This semester, the iSchool offered MS in Library and Information Science students the opportunity to travel to Boston for a whirlwind two-day trip full of library tours and networking with alums. It was a fulfilling experience that allowed us to think critically about the field and our future roles as librarians. Day 1 UMass Medical Library … Continued

LIS Internships: Library Management. Image of State Island Museum courtesy of NYCgo.com

MSLIS Internship Close-Up: Management

When I’m not running around Hinds Hall or drinking copious amounts of coffee, you can find me at the DeWitt Community Library, where I work part-time. The DeWitt Community Library is a bustling public library located ten minutes from Syracuse’s campus. I spend the majority of my time there helping the Executive Director, Business Manager, … Continued

Syracuse University D.C. Immersion. "Cherry Blossoms at the Jefferson memorial" photo courtesy of Michael Foley (www.flickr.com/photos/michaelfoleyphotography)

D.C. Immersion Week: Spring Break

As Syracuse University students, we have amazing opportunities and experiences available at the tips of our fingers. More specifically as iSchool students, we all know about road trips, AsiaTech and EuroTech, and Spring Break in Silicon Valley. But have you ever thought about the D.C. Immersion Week? What is the D.C. Immersion Week? Since 2012, … Continued

Voice Commands: What can go wrong?

Voice Command Devices: What Can Go Wrong?

 A blog series on the risks associated with using “Internet of Things” smart devices: phones, cars, webcams and voice control devices like Amazon Echo and Google Home. What’s can go wrong if I get an Amazon Echo or a similar voice command device? Continuing on the potential dangers of Alexa, in this article we take an … Continued

Spring Break in Silicon Valley 2017 - The Syracuse University iSchool

Spring Break in Silicon Valley: Where Brain Power Meets Passion

Spring Break in Silicon Valley (SBinSV) is a week-long immersion trip hosted by the iSchool every spring. This immersion trip is a three-credit course with an emphasis on innovation, entrepreneurship, and real-world exposure to different industries. After a competitive application process, 19 students – ranging from sophomores to graduate students, and with majors from information management … Continued

School Media Librarianship

MSLIS Internship Close-Up: School Media

This week, I’ll be diving into the world of internships in our focus area of school media. Let me be clear: the internship requirements for School Media students are quite different from the internships I previously profiled. Instead of completing one 150-long internship like other LIS students, LIS: School Media students must complete two 120-hour … Continued

Flower-Sprecher Library at Cornell

Library Friday: Visiting Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library

From birds to books. That’s Erin Eldermire’s career trajectory summed up in four words, and she couldn’t be happier with where she’s wound up. Erin has a background in bird biology, graduated from SU’s MSLIS program in 2014, and has been working at Cornell’s Flower-Sprecher Veterinary Library ever since. When she first saw the job posting for … Continued

5 apps you didn't know you needed

5 Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

As an IT major, there are a lot of new programs that you have to learn and work with. Many students work with them for the first time at the iSchool. To help you out, here’s the five most essential apps you didn’t know you needed: Taiga Kan Ban Taiga kan ban boards helped me … Continued