In his last semester at the iSchool, Rahul Khairnar is a full-time intern at Micron, a tech company specializing in innovative memory and storage solutions. Micron is headquartered in Boise, Idaho, where Rahul is currently interning, and will soon have a location in Syracuse after a $100 billion dollar investment was made to open a large-scale manufacturing facility here. Rahul is set to complete his master’s degree in information science this December. Upon his graduation, he will launch a full time career at Micron as a Data Analytics Engineer.

Rahul received his Bachelor of Technology in Electronics Engineering from the University of Mumbai. His undergraduate education and passion for data and business led him to his academic career at the iSchool. Among the many reasons Rahul gave for picking SU, the flexibility in learning paths and endless on-campus opportunities stuck out the most.

Rahul has a strong interest in data and business. This interest has driven him to take coding classes to put this interest into practice, along with taking classes to learn the intricacies of the business world. This semester, he is completing the final course of his master’s degree, which is a capstone he balances with his internship.

Outside of his academic interests, Rahul has spent his time at SU getting involved in on-campus organizations and work experiences. Rahul worked with both the Data Science club and  iConsult to get hands-on experience with industry level projects. These organizations gave him the opportunity to learn and network, meeting people in the iSchool with similar interests. 

During his first months at SU, Rahul worked at some of the dining halls on campus. Then, he shifted to a Data Analytics internship with the Department of Health Promotion at Barnes. He credits both of these experiences for helping him get his position at Micron. 

“It’s not just the curriculum that helps you make a stronger portfolio, but I think it’s everything that you are involved in outside of that too,” he says.

From attending career fairs to his on-campus involvement, Rahul took advantage of every opportunity to leverage his education and find the perfect internship. He landed an intern position at Micron and started in May. In August, his internship was extended through the fall semester. He has since received a full time offer and happily accepted.

Rahul spoke highly of his time at Micron and shared some of the future goals he set with his manager. He strives to one day be a project lead and is already on course to do so. One of the reasons he has decided to stay with Micron is because of the commitment the company has made to supporting its employees. Setting goals and meeting one on one with his manager are just some examples of this commitment.

“They are really focusing on the career growth of the employees and not just on the company’s growth, so that is one thing I love about my job,” he says.

Though his time at the iSchool has been short, Rahul Khairnar has taken advantage of what the iSchool has to offer and become a role model for iSchool students to come.