Maeve Rule, a current iSchool sophomore, vlogs a typical game day at Syracuse University. Here’s a guide to help you follow along with her day!


Where is Maeve at the start of her vlog?

The opening scene shows South Campus, an area of apartments SU students have the ability to live on starting their second year on campus.

What is Writing 205?

Maeve starts the day leaving her Writing 205 class. For most sophomores at Syracuse, WRT 205 – Critical Research and Writing is a required course. This is a three-credit class based on critical writing and research. Make sure you sign up for it!

Maeve said she was going to a “digital retail” class. What is that?

Maeve walked toward the Martin J. Whitman School of Management for her retail management class.

At the iSchool, you are able to pick a concentration for your elective courses in order to have a specialty. Concentrations include database management, digital retail strategies, information security management, network and systems management, project management, and web design and management.

What’s great about concentrations is you do not have to be enrolled in another professional school at SU to take classes at that school or college.

Tell me more about the iSchool’s Peer Advisors.

Peer Advisors provide great resources for students who are new to the iSchool. Maeve showed viewers a table where current Peer Advisors talk to students who would like to become an advisor. This is a great way to get involved in the iSchool community and assist prospective and new students along the way.

What class is Maeve taking? And what computer lab is she in?

Maeve ventures to the iTell lab, which is located in the basement of Hinds Hall. Here, 28 seats host dual monitors in order to make projects more viable and accessible.

IST 346, known officially as Information Technology Management and Administration, tells with computer administration principles and techniques for managing information technology operations. This class requires hands-on labs throughout the semester.

What is The Dome?

The Carrier Dome hosts tons of major sports events at Syracuse University. On a game day, you can find thousands of fans who bleed Orange packed in the Dome.

Finally: is Syracuse weather really that crazy?

Being truthful, Syracuse weather is unpredictable, so make sure you bring your puffy winter coat at all times.