Faculty members, staff, and doctoral students from the School of Information Studies (iSchool) will be presenting and discussing their research this week at the annual iConference, held this year in Wuhan, China, and hosted by Wuhan University’s School of Information Management and the Sungkyunkwan University’s Library & Information Science and Data Science Department.

The gathering brings together researchers from more than 75 information and library science schools across the globe for a week of sharing and learning through paper sessions, poster presentations, talks, tours, and special events. The participating schools are all members of the iSchools Organization.

Conference Sessions

Associate Professor Yun Huang and Ph.D. student Brian Dobreski will present their paper, Applying Motivational Design to Support Informal Learning of Universal Design for Web Applications, at the Preliminary Papers 2: Information Behaviors and HCI track session on Thursday, March 23.

Ph.D. students Jordan Hayes and Bryan Dosono, along with assistant professor Yang Wang will present their paper “They Should Be Convenient and Strong”: Password Perceptions and Practices of Visually Impaired Users, at the Preliminary Papers 9: Knowledge Creation, Qualitative Methods track session on Friday, March 24.

Associate Professor Bei Yu, Research Analyst Yatish Hegde, and Ph.D. student Yingya Li will present their paper, CORA: A Platform to Support Citation Context Analysis, at the Preliminary Papers 6: Recommender Systems, Information Systems track session on Friday, March 24.

Professor Jian Qin will present on the topic, Building Learning Modules around the Competency Index for Linked Data, in Session for Interaction and Engagement #6 on Friday, March 24. She will also present her paper, Structures and Relations of Knowledge Nodes: Exploring a Knowledge Network of Disease from Precision Medicine Research Publications in the Completed Papers 2: Text/Data/Knowledge Mining track session on Thursday, March 23.

Assistant Professor Lu Xiao, along with two colleagues from the University of Western Ontario, will present their paper, Writing to Persuade: Analysis and Detection of Persuasive Discourse, in the Completed Papers 5: Data Science and Analytics track session on Thursday, March 23.

Jeffrey Fouts, Director of Instructional Technology at the iSchool’s Faculty Center for Teaching and Learning will present: How a faculty center can help foster best practices: Getting the iSchool at Syracuse University into the 21st century, during the Best Practices at iSchools development session.

Session Chairs

Faculty member Bei Yu is serving as session chair for the Completed Papers 1: Human-Computer Interaction track session on Thursday, March 23.

Faculty member Kevin Crowston is serving as the session chair for the Doctoral Colloquium on Saturday, March 25.

Award Winners and Finalists

Assistant Professor Rachel Ivy Clarke has been honored with the 2017 Doctoral Dissertation Award from the iSchools Organization. Her dissertation, conducted at the University of Washington’s Information School, was judged the best to have been completed at a member-iSchool in the preceding academic year. The runner up was Jasy Liew Suet Yan, a graduate of the Syracuse iSchool’s doctoral program. The awards will be presented at the conference.

Two papers have also been selected as finalists for research paper awards at the iConference.

Assistant Professor Lu Xiao was selected as a finalist for the Lee Dirks Best Paper Award for her paper, Writing to Persuade: Analysis and Detection of Persuasive Discourse, co-authored with Taraneh Khazaei and Robert Mercer from the University of Western Ontario.

Associate Professor Bei Yu, Research Analyst Yatish Hegde, and Ph.D. student Yingya Li were selected as finalists in the ‘preliminary papers’ category for their paper, CORA: A Platform to Support Citation Context Analysis.

Poster Sessions

Assistant Professor Ingrid Erickson will present her paper, Library as Platform: Embracing the Generativity of Public Library Space, during the juried poster session Thursday, March 23 and Friday, March 24. Undergraduate student Alexis Ho-Liu will also present his poster, Understanding ESL Adults’ Decisions in Mobile Communication Apps: Towards the Development of an Inclusive App, at the same sessions.