Applications for EntreTech NYC will be opening Monday, October 1st on the EntreTech website! For questions contact Julie Walas, Director of Alumni & Student Engagement at

So you’re thinking about applying for EntreTech or another iSchool immersion program? Congrats! You have been introduced to an incredible opportunity very few will ever experience. Once you have realized the question is not whether or not to apply, but is actually which trip to apply to, you have made the right decision. You are on the path to a career and potentially life changing experience… if you give it your all (and get accepted).

Immersion Trips Are Always What You Make Them

The trip leaders will give you the tools you need for success and the itinerary is sure not to disappoint. You will visit and meet a lot of iSchool and other SU alumni. As I am sure you have already heard, they all still bleed orange and cannot wait to engage with you (and want to hire you)! These trips are for you, the student, and everyone you interact with wants you to succeed.

These Trips Have So Much To Offer

You will see students of all four years on the trip. Each student often comes with trying to get different things out of the trip. Seniors are usually looking for jobs and right connection to land that dream job. Juniors are playing the field and hoping to find a company that will be the perfect internship. I believe First year and Sophomore year are the times when you can get the absolute most out of these experiences.

It’s Not Just About Finding a Good Job… 

This is the age when you are not bound or pressured to go in any one direction with your career. You have time to figure out where you will actually fit in the professional world. When you visit different companies, feel the culture, feel the industry, and try to think about your impressions of the companies with different DNA. Figuring out what you’re not into is just as important as figuring out the kind of place you are really into and want to end up at!

Be Present!

No matter what, you should be present and active the entire trip and engagement is the name of the game. Whether at a company during a Q&A or an alumni networking event, go out there and ask the good questions, strike up the conversations, and connect with as many people as you can. They want to talk to you and believe it or not, they can help you score big down the road. Always remember, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, and if you don’t know them, get to.

These trips are an incredible opportunity and your professional career is on the right path with your hustle, charm, and participation on this iSchool immersion program Want to read more about EntreTech and iSchool Immersion Programs? Find them here!