Immersion Experiences

Spend a week visiting technology giants and up-and-coming startups, attend exclusive Syracuse University alumni networking events, and take time to discover and explore on your own.

Immerse yourself in technology and startup culture.

Explore the life of information and technology professionals in five unique locations: the Pacific Northwest, Ireland, New York City, Silicon Valley, and Chicago.

Immersion experiences are open to undergraduate and graduate Syracuse University students from all majors and programs. Applications open in the fall and spring.

All immersion experience participants must take IDS 460/660 – Immersion Experience (3 credits). This course includes the week-long travel program where students study technology and interact with innovative firms and alumni to understand how their best practices may be applied elsewhere.

Cohorts travel to an innovative ecosystem and spend 7 days meeting with information-based organizations. Daily visits will provide the cohort with a well-rounded vision of the innovative ecosystem and its cultural context.

Accordingly, students will be required to study the subject ecosystem and its companies prior to the trip, will need to record their observations during the trip, and provide a written reflection upon their return.

This course involves travel and significant dedication. Students will be required to travel to the subject ecosystem and will be actively participating in activities from 7:00 a.m. until 10:00 p.m. for the entirety of the trip. In addition to the approximate 100 contact hours during the trip itself, there are three required pre-meetings several writing assignments, and a final presentation required.

Program fees vary based on changing expenses from year-to-year. Most often, program fees will range from $250 to $3000 depending on the scope of the immersion experience.

Program fees cover meals, lodging, and transportation for the duration of the trip. We offer financial assistance, and encourage all interested students to apply.

All immersion experiences are competitive programs with limited space.

We place a strong emphasis on your experiential learning statement, to be submitted as part of your application. Applicants will also need to submit a short video describing what they envision as the ideal company or organization to visit on this trip. These details are all contained in the application.

Students applying to Innovate Ireland must have a valid passport.

Students who participate in an immersion experience are expected to not only represent themselves well but also act as strong ambassadors for Syracuse University. In order for this opportunity to be made available to future students, current students must work to ensure that we are invited back to the companies who host us during this event.

Admissions decisions are based on a full review of the application file, including the resume, the experiential learning statement, short video, and any disciplinary records. Once admitted to the program, you must remain a student in good standing (academic and judicial) to stay eligible to participate in this program.

Peak 2 Peak: The Pacific Northwest

Innovate Ireland

EntreTech NYC

Spring Break in Silicon Valley

TechTrek Chicago

Questions about Immersion Experiences?

For more information about iSchool Immersion Experiences, please contact Patti Bevans.