This is it, the last blog post of the summer and the last week before heading back to campus.

Since my last post, I have moved back home from Philadelphia to Maryland for the last few weeks of summer. My two little sisters were at sleep away camp most of the time. That meant I had some time to focus without all the disruption and craziness that comes with having sisters in the house! It was nice while it lasted …

Introducing Pair Campus!

Over the course of the summer and the previous three posts, I have talked a lot about my entrepreneurial journey and some of the challenges and special moments that have come along with it. During that time however, I never actually mentioned what my company is. Ladies and gentlemen (depending on when you are reading this) you are now going to get a sneak peek.

I would like to introduce Pair Campus: A freelance services marketplace launching at Syracuse University this fall!

Pair Campus (or simply “Pair”) gives members of the University community an extensive catalogue of services and Freelancers to choose from for any need ranging from tutoring, fitness, professional services, home services, and more. Pair provides a comprehensive platform filled with resources for university members to build their own freelance business in addition to their university career on their time, with their skills, and on their means.

You can now go to to join the waitlist, get on the pre-launch beta, and enter for a chance to win Pair swag and credits toward your first service! Early freelancers will also have the opportunity to set up their profile and list their services before launch and become a featured Freelancer. Check us out on social media: we’re @paircampus on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Yes, a lot of that was a shameless plug. At the same time, it’s a chance for you to get in on the action early before the waitlist starts filling up!

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What Developing Pair Campus Gave Me

This “internship” experience has helped me shape my future plans through giving me a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial lifestyle. Living and working on my own terms is something I have always strived for. Entrepreneurship is a path that provides just that and this summer has helped me find how to balance those things while working towards my ultimate goal.

Will I Continue as an Entrepreneur?

This summer’s experience reinforced my entrepreneurial path. I will continue to take it moving forward. Throughout this year, I will continue to learn as much as I can to help myself grow as a leader and to help my company reach new heights. I will work throughout the year with the rest of my team to grow Pair and to help everyone Do More Together according to the vision we have for the company.

What’s Next for Pair Campus?

My goals include bringing our platform to other markets. My biggest goal is to get the company to where it can independently support my entire team financially while continuing to grow.

You are never done learning, you are never done building, and you are never done growing.

My Advice for Student Entrepreneurs

From my experience, the best way to make the most of any journey you are embarking on, including an internship, is to give it your all, learn as much as you can every day, make as many connections and relationships as you can, and ask for help. That will lead you toward more and more opportunities. You are never done learning, you are never done building, and you are never done growing. Make the most of every situation you are in, good or bad, and don’t let opportunities pass you by!

Thank you for keeping up with my entrepreneurial journey over this summer and I hope you found something useful, interesting, somewhat enjoyable, or funny! I can’t wait for you all to follow along as this journey continues and join the Pair community!