Cloud, Microservices, and Other Trends in Enterprise IT Systems

Hosted by Professor Carlos Caicedo

December 2017

Modern enterprise IT environments have been undergoing a series of transformations over the last few years due to the rise of new technologies, services, and operational paradigms. The traditional IT professional that would be sifting through cables, managing physical servers, and interacting with networking equipment via command line interfaces is disappearing.

A new kind of enterprise IT professional is needed. One that understands the challenges, complexities, and business value of technologies and trends such as cloud-based infrastructure and services, containers, software-defined networking, and network virtualization, just to mention a few.

In this presentation, Professor Carlos Caicedo will describe many of these trends and how modern enterprises that rely heavily on data-based services and infrastructure are embracing or need to embrace the flexibility and capabilities of many of these trends to enhance their data-centric operations today and in the near future.