Gabriel Davila-Campos, a third-year student, was recently honored by Syracuse University’s School of Information Studies with the highly selective “Scholarship in Action” award. 

Recipients of the $6,000 scholarship have not only maintained a GPA of 3.0 or above but have also showcased their commitment to scholarship in action throughout their academic journey.

“In receiving this award, I’m reminded of my unwavering dedication to knowledge acquisition and my intent to make a significant difference in the world,” Davila-Campos reflects. ”For me, it underscores the importance of translating academic achievement into real-world impact. It also reminds me of the vast network of support I’ve received throughout my time at Syracuse University.”

Davila-Campos is studying Applied Data Analytics with a special focus on Information Security Management while also minoring in Innovation, Design, Start-Ups, and Computer Engineering.

“My academic path at Syracuse started with a keen interest in technological entrepreneurship, but my goals have since expanded,” he notes. “I’m gearing up to be a data scientist, particularly concentrating on space exploration and observing our planet. I envision teaming up with giants like NASA to interpret extensive datasets, enriching our comprehension of our universe and our role within it.”

Syracuse profiled Davila-Campos’ college journey last year in a story about his ability to fuse technology, entrepreneurship and academic excellence. The story detailed how his success has not been a linear path, but rather one marked with perseverance. 

Born and raised in Miami to a Nicaraguan mother, Davila-Campos is a trailblazing first-generation university student. He secured a full-tuition scholarship to Syracuse through the POSSE Foundation. Additionally, during his university tenure, he founded Pro-Tech, a startup leveraging blockchain technology to offer digital security solutions for the average user.

Despite challenges tied to being a first-generation university student, Davila-Campos remains unwavering in his commitment to his academic aspirations and broader visions. His tale of determination is ever-evolving.

“One recent development I’m excited about is a potential collaboration with Professor Sam Tuttle in the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences. His current research, funded by NASA, focuses on satellite remote sensing of snowmelt. We are in discussions about how I might contribute to his ongoing research. The prospect of merging my passion for data analytics with space exploration research is thrilling,” shares Davila-Campos.


Building on this momentum, Davila-Campos continues, “I’m enthusiastic to share that I’ll be joining the iSchool as an Undergraduate Research Assistant. Under the guidance of Professor Carsten Oesterlund, I’ll contribute to the Gravity Spy project. This opportunity allows me to further delve into human-centered design, interaction techniques, and citizen science, collaborating with around 30,000 volunteers globally. This role resonates deeply with my ambition to merge data science with broader earth and space explorations.”


“As I continue my academic journey, I strive to remain adaptable and open to new opportunities,” he adds. “While my past has been rich with experiences in entrepreneurship and technological innovation, I am eager to dive deeper into the realm of data science, especially as it pertains to space and earth studies.”