Library and Information Science Career Services & Support

Your Library and Information Science program will include internship or practicum experience that will give you opportunities to apply your classroom learnings in the field.

Internships and Practicums

Library and Information Science students are required to complete an internship. Those students pursuing the School Media program must complete a practicum. You may register for internship credit after completing half of your academic program. To receive credit, your internship needs to meet certain criteria and you must track your progress throughout the experience. 

Consult the guide for your program to get started.


Resume and Cover Letter Preparation

First, read our guides: Building Strong Resumes and Building Strong Cover Letters. 

Once you understand the basics, create your own resume and cover letter. Our templates are a starting point for you to develop your own unique resume.

Interview preparation

Schedule a mock interview with a career counselor through Handshake or practice on your own using InterviewStream. InterviewStream allows you to record practice interviews on your laptop or mobile device. Use a pre-recorded interview scenario or develop your own using a library of over 7,000 interview questions.

Read the InterviewStream user guide

Professional Online Presence

Developing your online presence showcases your work to prospective employers, helping them recognize your capabilities.

Start by building your Linkedin and Handshake profiles. These platforms are specifically for career networking. They have built-in tools to help you find and apply for jobs that match your profile and experience.

Once you’ve completed your LinkedIn profile, request to join the Syracuse University and iSchool alumni networks. These groups are open to alumni and current students only. Alumni will often post exclusive job, internship, and professional development opportunities in these groups.

Twitter can be a powerful career-building tool. Follow your favorite career websites and official company accounts. You can follow aggregator accounts that target specific industries or cities. Explore hashtags relevant to your interests to participate in industry-related discussions and network.

If you feel limited by social media platforms, consider making your own website. Quickly create a simple and effective site using Weebly, Wix, Yola, or Squarespace. Include your headshot, resume, portfolio, social media links, and contact information.