iConsult Collaborative

Enhance your resume and collaborate on teams across the university to help businesses implement digital technologies across a variety of industries.

The iConsult Collaborative is a university-wide program to build experience for students through real-world client projects involving digital transformation. Student participants in iConsult form project teams representing the specialty domains of the schools and colleges of the University.

Each iConsult team works under the direction of faculty mentors and a student Project Manager who oversees the client relationship and the team’s deliverables. iConsult project teams analyze, design, recommend, and apply known information tools and approaches to help clients integrate digital technology into their organizations.

The Staff of the iConsult Collaborative
Director Art Thomas, Ph.D., Executive Director, Professional Acceleration and Microcredentials, Professor of Practice, College of Professional Studies, apthomas@syr.edu
Faculty Advisors Robert Campagna, PMP, Adjunct Professor, recampag@syr.edu

James Stewart, PMP, Adjunct Professor, jstewart@syr.edu

Stephen Wallace, DPS., Professor of Practice, swalla02@syr.edu 

Staff Advisor Allison Roth, Operations Specialist, Office of Professional Acceleration and Microcredentials, College of Professional Studies, amroth@syr.edu
Student Program Managers Ruchita Harsora, rharsora@syr.edu

Srishti Sanghvi, ssanghvi@syr.edu

Chakshushri, chakshus@syr.edu

Ankita Vartak, ajvartak@syr.edu

Manali Ghorpade, maghorpa@syr.edu

Nikita Sirwani, nsirwani@syr.edu

Questions about iConsult Collaborative?

For more information about how to get involved with the iConsult Collaborative, email Art Thomas.