Faculty Assistant Program

Graduate students have the option to work with faculty to assist in teaching and research, giving you the opportunity to work while you are taking courses, and collaborate with our esteemed academics.

The faculty assistant program gives selected master’s students the opportunity to work closely with faculty members at the School of Information Studies. The program provides a unique and valuable opportunity to interact with the iSchool’s distinguished faculty researchers and practitioners.

All faculty assistant positions will be posted in Handshake.

General Information

  • All faculty assistant positions are posted in Handshake. Please do not email faculty to ask if they have a position available for a Faculty Assistant.
  • To ensure more students have the opportunity to be an FA in the iSchool, students will be limited to 10 hours of work as an FA per semester. You will be informed if SU records indicate that the work hours of an FA position for which you are hired will mean that you have a work hour total that exceeds this amount.
  • As a Faculty Assistant, you may not perform any role involving a course that you could take, but have not yet taken, as a part of your own degree program, unless you can provide evidence to your supervising faculty member of a formal course waiver for that course prior to hire.