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Veterans and Military

The Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) is uniquely equipped to provide an education to veterans and those currently serving in the military.

Syracuse University is proud to have a tradition of service, and the iSchool continues that tradition by offering veterans cutting-edge programs, the highest quality online and distance programming, and an opportunity to connect veterans with the people, resources, and programs they want to pursue at the University.

Featured Academic Programs

Information security, cloud computing, information management, data science: they're all topics in our featured programs for veterans. Based on our most popular offerings with our students from military backgrounds, we're proud to offer these featured programs.

Online and On-campus, Full-time and Part-time

All iSchool programs are available for veterans, but our featured programs are our most popular offerings. The master's and certificate programs are delivered in both online and on-campus formats.

Our online programs have the same curriculum, faculty, and tuition as our campus programs. The only difference is the delivery mode. iSchool students can also study part-time, full-time, or anywhere in between, as long as the program is completed within seven years.

Syracuse University is a member of the Yellow Ribbon Program. Application fees are waived for all veterans.

M.S. in Applied Data Science

The M.S. in Applied Data Science (ADS) prepares students with the practical analytical and technical skills to apply analytical concepts to gain insight from small and large datasets. The curriculum offers an innovative blend of information science and management principles. This program is offered in collaboration with Syracuse University's Whitman School of Management.

The 36 credit ADS curriculum includes:

  • Primary Core - 18 credits
  • Analytics Application Core - 3 to 6 credits
  • Elective Courses - 12 to 15 credits
  • Exit Requirement - Portfolio Milestone

M.S. in Enterprise Data Systems

The M.S. in Enterprise Data Systems (EDS) from the iSchool is designed for students who want to prepare professionally to manage, design, support and optimize the infrastructure that supports the digital enterprise. Students can choose focus areas such as cloud and virtualized information systems, data science, enterprise IT infrastructure management, information security, and more.

The 36 credit EDS curriculum includes:

  • Primary Core - 21 credits
  • Secondary Focus Area - 12 credits
  • Graduate Residency Milestone - non-credit, required
  • Exit Requirement - Capstone

M.S. in Information Management

Information Management (IM) students learn how to increase productivity and creativity; evaluate, plan and deploy the effective use of information; develop information policies to maximize the benefits of using information technology; and strategically use and manage information resources.

The 42 credit IM curriculum includes: 

  • 10 credits of primary core requirements
  • 15 credits of secondary core requirements
  • 8 to 14 credits of electives
  • a 3–9-credit exit requirement

C.A.S. in Data Science

Organizations across all sectors, including government and not-for-profit, can improve efficiency through data science. The iSchool’s Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) in Data Science equips graduates to become data scientists, ready to tackle stores of big data to improve businesses everywhere.

The CAS in Data Science’s 15-credit curriculum requires:

  • 6 credits of primary core courses in data science & databases
  • 9 credits of electives

C.A.S. in Information Security Management

The Certificate of Advanced Study (C.A.S.) in Information Security Management (ISM) prepares students to manage a high degree of complex technical security, increased operational costs, diverse policies, and user behavior.

The C.A.S. in Information Security Management includes:

  • a 3-credit required core course: Introduction to Information Security
  • At least one 3-credit course in Management Security
  • At least one 3-credit course from the Technology Security
  • An additional 6 credits from any of the following course lists:
    • Management Security
    • Technology Security
    • Information Studies

B.S. in Information Management and Technology

The Bachelor of Science in Information Management and Technology at the School of Information Studies focuses on the needs of information users, learning the value of information as well as technology, and develops a flexible and highly portable set of skills for the modern workplace.

The 120-credit B.S. in Information Management and Technology includes:

  • 24–25 credits in the  Information Management and Technology Primary Core
  • 15 credits in Information Management and Technology Electives
  • 21–32 credits in Skills Electives
  • 36 credits in Arts and Sciences Divisional Requirements
  • 21–24 credits in General Electives

Looking for more?

The iSchool offers a number of master's and certificate of advanced study programs; feel free to explore the rest of our master's and C.A.S. offerings.

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