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Veterans and Military

The Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) is uniquely equipped to provide an education to veterans and those currently serving in the military.

Syracuse University is proud to have a tradition of service, and the iSchool continues that tradition by offering veterans cutting-edge curricula, the highest quality online and distance programming, and an opportunity to connect veterans with the people, resources, and programs they want to pursue at the University.

iSchool students come from a wide variety of backgrounds - whether you're coming from across the world or New York State, from a military background or a business background, or coming here to advance a career or find a new one: the iSchool can help you find your path in the Information field.

The following featured programs are offered in both online and campus formats:

The following programs are offered in the on-campus format, either full-time or part-time:

Syracuse University is a member of the Yellow Ribbon Program. Application fees are waived for all veterans.


The iSchool’s complex yet practical mix of management skills, familiarity with cutting-edge technology, dedicated career service staff, and ability to leverage a students’ real-life experience means our students graduate fully prepared for the workforce.


The iSchool offers several master’s programs and certificates of advanced study in completely online formats. Our online classes are the same ones offered to campus students, and are taught by the same iSchool faculty. And when online students graduate, they receive the same degree as our campus students. The only difference between the the online and campus programs is the way in which they’re delivered.


Syracuse University has a tradition of service, and the iSchool is proud to continue that tradition. The iSchool develops programs and partnerships to make it easier and more affordable for veterans to get a degree and provides highly relevant programs for today’s job market and organization needs.

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