Certificate of Advanced Study Application Checklist

Here you’ll find everything you need to apply for our Certificate of Advanced Study programs. And if you have questions, let us know. We’re here to help you.

You can apply to the on-campus program using the Graduate Program Application.

You will receive an email from Syracuse University when your application has been received and processed.

The non-refundable application fee is $75.

Please include a check or money order payable to Syracuse University. Do not send cash.

If you wish to apply to more than one Syracuse University program, you must file a separate application and application fee for each program.

Post-9/11 veterans of the armed forces may have their admissions fee waived upon verification by Veterans Resource Center staff. Identify yourself as a Post-9/11 Veteran while completing the online admissions application and contact the Veterans Resource Center (veterans@syr.edu) for further instructions.

One (1) copy of records of all previous postsecondary education.

Contact the Registrar’s Office of each higher educational institution that you attended and have one copy of your transcript(s) sent to the Syracuse University Enrollment Management Processing Center. Address and submission instructions are below.

You do not need to send transcripts from secondary schools as part of this application.

We can consider your application with unofficial transcripts, but we recommend that you send official transcripts. If you choose to submit an unofficial transcript, all offers of admission from Syracuse University are conditional pending receipt of official academic credentials showing that a U.S. bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) has been conferred upon you.

Failure to submit official degree-bearing credentials may result in revocation of an offer of admission, or dismissal from the graduate program if admission has already been granted.

The personal statement is a statement of your general academic plans, personally written by you, the applicant.

Submit as an uploaded word-processing document through the Graduate Program application.

In approximately 500 words, describe:

  • Your main academic and personal interests
  • Experiences in school or work that have helped to prepare you for this course of study
  • Why you wish to study for the degree you’ve chosen
  • Why you wish to study at Syracuse University
  • Your plans for the future after you receive your degree

The School of Information Studies requires one letter of recommendation for applicants to the C.A.S. in eGovernment and Leadership. 

You can request letters of recommendation, and your recommenders can submit their recommendations, through the Graduate Program application system. You will receive an email once your recommender submits their recommendation through the Graduate Program application.

If you are unable to request letters electronically through the Graduate Program application, you must mail letters to the Graduate Enrollment Management Center (address and mailing instructions below) in sealed envelopes, on which the recommender has signed across the seal.

GRE scores are not required for applicants to general C.A.S. programs.

TOEFL or IELTS score (international applicants only)

All international applications are required to submit either a TOEFL, IELTS or Duolingo score. You may submit one score or the other; you do not need to submit all of your English proficiency examinations.

Use the institution code 2823 when requesting ETS (Educational Testing Services) to send your scores electronically to Syracuse University. It is not necessary to request that scores be sent to more than one department.

If you have completed an advanced degree taught at an accredited U.S. educational institution, it is possible to waive the TOEFL/IELTS score requirement. Email bmcrary@syr.edu to confirm if you are eligible to waive the TOEFL/IELTS requirement.

International applicants whose native language is English, or, who are citizens of English-speaking countries are not required to submit TOEFL or IELTS scores.

For more information on TOEFL scores, whether you need to submit your scores, and other common questions for international applicants to Syracuse University, please visit the International Student FAQ

All C.A.S. applicants must submit a copy of your up-to-date resume or curriculum vitae (CV)

All admitted international applicants must show evidence of having secured sufficient funding for at least the first year of graduate study in order for Syracuse University to issue your visa eligibility document (also known as an I-20), which is required in order to have your student visa authorized.

Your financial documents have no bearing on your consideration for scholarships or awards. Program application reviewers do not have access to view your financial documents.

Applicants who choose to submit financial statements after an offer of admission is made may experience processing and delivery delays that can impact the receipt of the I-20 and the schedule of your visa appointment.

Funding Requirements for Financial Documentation

Updated June 2020

The United States government requires international students to demonstrate sufficient funding for at least the first year of graduate study. Once you have done this, Syracuse University can issue the visa eligibility document that you will need to have your student visa authorized.

  • If you are a privately sponsored applicant, you will need to demonstrate acceptable evidence of your funding. This consists of a certified current bank statement on official bank letterhead, signed by an authorized bank official or an official letter stating an approved or sanctioned loan that indicates sufficient funds exist to meet at least first-year expenses in U.S. dollars as per Syracuse University’s current estimate.
  • If you are a government-sponsored applicant, you will need to submit an original award letter (or a certified copy of an award letter). The letter must state the annual amount of the award in U.S. dollars. All financial documents must be written in English and valid within one year of the start of the semester. You may email the document per the instructions below.

Please contact Syracuse University Graduate Admissions at Grad@syr.edu for any questions regarding funding requirements.

How to submit financial documentation
  • By email: You can scan your financial documents and email them to Syracuse University Enrollment Management at grad@syr.edu.
  • By fax: You can fax your funding documentation to 001-315-443-3423

There are two ways to submit your application:

  1. Electronically using the Graduate Program Application (preferred)

    We strongly encourage that all application materials and credentials be submitted electronically using the Graduate Program Application.

    You will receive an email confirmation from Syracuse University when all your application materials have been received.

  2. By mail

Any materials that cannot be submitted electronically can be mailed.

Any letters of recommendation that you are unable to submit electronically must be submitted in sealed envelopes, on which the recommender has signed across the seal.

For all other materials, you must include your first name, last name and SU I.D., and mail the materials in a sealed envelope to:

Enrollment Management Processing Center
Syracuse University
Graduate Admissions Processing
P.O. Box 35060
Syracuse New York 13235-5060

If you are sending materials using a package delivery company (i.e. FedEx, UPS, DHL), use this address:

Enrollment Management Processing Center
Syracuse University
Graduate Admissions Processing
400 Ostrom Avenue
Syracuse, New York 13244

To verify the status of your application, please contact Bridget Crary at bmcrary@syr.edu.

We are dedicated to supporting our international students’ success and employability. For this reason, we require that students with TOEFL scores below 100 or IELTS scores below 7.0 to take IST 678: Communication for Information Professionals.

If you are a student who falls into this category, you will take an English assessment exam when you arrive on campus. If your exam score is high and indicates that this course would not be beneficial to you, then you will be given the option to not take IST 678: Communication for Information Professionals.

IST 678: Communication for Information Professionals is a three credit hour course that will not apply to the required credits for your academic program, but will apply to your grade point average (GPA). The iSchool believes that this course is very important to your academic and employment success, and you will not be charged tuition for taking this course.