If you’re in library school you’ve probably got more tech know-how than the average grad student. And I think I know why.

People drawn to library school are curious. We love to learn. I’ve noticed students in MLIS (Master’s in Library and Information Science) degree programs are some of the most curious people I’ve ever met. No matter our pre-library-school background, we all love to learn and to ask questions.

Those of us just entering the profession seem to largely fall into two categories. Some of us are brand new to the working world, young, and therefore digital natives (i.e. tech geeks).  Most of the rest of us are career changers likely to have spent the last several years implementing and troubleshooting emerging technologies while they befuddled our co-workers (i.e. tech geeks).

If the new librarians I have met are representative of the larger population of MLIS students, we’re also energetic and ready to do what’s necessary to change librarianship into the future. We’re also probably a bit loud when you get a bunch of us into the same tweetup–er, room.

Parlay Geekery Into A Paycheck
As we emerge from our MLIS programs we’d do well to examine our skill sets and figure out what makes us marketable in this 21st-century workplace. For many of us, it’s our comfort with and love of technology.

While I’m in library school I plan to take more tech courses to beef up my skills. I’m following the advice of the likes of Meredith Farkas, Sarah Houghton-Jan, and Bohyun Kim. And common sense (and Thomas Friedman) tells me I’ll stay marketable by adding to my technology skills throughout my career.

 My Search For Librarian Tech-Geek Jobs
So, for your perusing pleasure, I offer you 61 tech geek jobs for MLIS grads. Not every job in the list requires an MLIS degree, but every one could be rocked by the right librarian.

Some of them require the ability to travel, or teaching experience, or a second master’s degree. Some require specific experience in business, law, marketing, digitization, or archives. Some are full-time tenure-track university positions, and others are part-time or short-term projects.

I combed job sites like ALA Job List, Special Libraries Association, LibGig, and I Need A Library Job (INALJ).

I generated tech-job search keywords (such as digitization, internet, digital, literacy, social media) after listening to this Non-Traditional Library Jobs Webinar, and this webinar on alternative careers for librarians. I skimmed the Libraries and Transliteracy blog and did some poking around on Linked In groups INALJ and LIS Career Options for more ideas.

The 61 Jobs
All the jobs require something besides the shining eager countenance of a freshly-minted librarian. They demand mad tech skills. Enjoy!

(Note: these links will eventually expire. When that happens, use the job titles for keywords in your job search.)

Client Services & University Partnership Program Manager (for Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)
Information Literacy Librarian (community college)
Electronic Librarian (public library)
Outreach and Research Specialist (and departmental Web manager)
Reference and Electronic Resources Librarian (university)
Research Coordinator
Research Specialist (law firm)
Faculty Position, Digital Literacy
Lead, Knowledge Management
Information Specialist (for an insurance company; requires project management and research)
Web and Content Developer (university)
Director of Library Assessment
Special Project Librarian, Library Information Technology (project management)
Continuing Education Coordinator for Tennessee State Library and Archives (continuing ed. for regional and public library staff)
Emerging Technologies Librarian (university; building apps, designing websites, being on top of latest tech trends and development with an eye toward incorporating them into the library’s public services)
Systems and Emerging Technologies Librarian (university)
Audiovisual Conservator, Preservation Services (university; requires working knowledge of conservation, archiving, and copyright issues)
Client Services and University Partnership Program Manager for Latin America
Assistant Director for Discovery Services (manage digital assets, electronic services, library’s web presence)
Discovery Metadata Librarian (university)
Emerging Technologies Librarian (university law)
Assistant Director Library Educational Technology (university medical)
University Digital Initiatives Librarian
Digital Learning Initiatives Librarian
Curator, Digital Platform
Business Intelligence Analyst
Research Librarian (Safety Research & Strategies, Inc.)
eLearning Project Manager
Digital Resources and Instructional Librarian
Digital Library Developer
Digital Stewardship Librarian Reference/Emerging Technologies Librarian
Department Head, Digital Library Services
Research Manager (law firm)
Multimedia Librarian
Coordinator, Student Multimedia Design Center Services
Digital Resources/Preservation Librarian
Library Digital Infrastructure and Technology Coordinator
Digital Archivist/Senior Applications Developer (university library)
Digitization Project Manager  (university, design)
Metadata Coordinator
Digital Consortium Manager (in Luxembourg!)
Library of Congress Digital Project Coordinator
Systems Librarian (in charge of library systems, technologies, software, and hardware)
Reference and Social Media Librarian
Digital Assets Librarian
Digital Communication Services Librarian
Library Technology Specialist
Academic Services Professional
Instructional Design Consultant
Data Analyst/Manager of Informatics
Web & Social Media Developer (university)
Research Associate (foundation)
Web & Social Media Specialist (public library)
Database Administrator/Web Developer (performing arts center)
Hot Spot Database Specialist (public library)
East Asian Librarian (university, East Asian studies, involves digitization and digital collection development)
Community Manager
Multimedia Services Manager, Academic Computing Services (university)
Educational Technology Technician
Digital Communications Senior Coordinator

Want to read more about different types of librarian jobs? Check out 61 Non-Librarian Jobs for LIS Grads for more career ideas. Are you a librarian with a great tech geek job? Share your job title and description in the comments.
Featured Image by Leinkopf.