Merit-Based Awards - Master's and Certificate Students

Our scholarships are highly competitive, and most are partial awards. It is the iSchool's philosophy to award smaller scholarships to more students, rather than very large awards to only a few. There are also current student awards that provide tuition and work for students who excel and become leaders at the iSchool. Additionally, Awards funded by the iSchool are not combined, if the student is selected for more than one, than the higher value award will be offered.

Scholarship decisions are made separately from admissions decisions; students receiving awards will be notified via email between March and May. Students who apply before February 1 are given priority consideration.

Some scholarships require supplemental materials, while others require only what you submitted for admission. Awards that require additional application materials are noted, and access to additional application materials is granted once you have completed an application to an iSchool program.

The Information Management Faculty Engagement Scholarship (IMFES) award offers top applicants a formal mentorship with an IM faculty member and a 30% tuition award.  

  • The Faculty Engagement Scholar award will be given to students based on merit and no additional application is required.
  • Recipients of the IMFES are notified of their award typically February through April of the preceding year.
  • Domestic and international applicants to the full time campus IM program are eligible for this award.
  • IMFES Scholars are matched with an iSchool faculty member whose research interests align with their career goals, experience and skills.
  • The formal mentorship includes the scholar working the equivalent of 10 hours/week each semester with the mentor at the iSchool’s prevailing graduate student wages.

The iSchool has more than 30 tenured and tenure-track faculty engaged in a great variety of interesting research areas. The school also has several research-focused professors who include scholarly work in their portfolio of professional activities.

Areas of research at the iSchool include: Data Science and Computation; Computational Social Science; Human-Centered Computing and Design; Information Systems; Learning and Training; Security and Privacy; Digital Technologies and Society; Smart Grids; Telecommunications and Networking.

This iSchool is also home to eight research centers and labs, including:

  • The Behavior, Information, Technology and Society (BITS) Lab
  • The Center for Computational and Data Sciences (CCDS)
  • The Center for Convergence and Emerging Network Technologies (CCENT)
  • The Social Computing Systems Lab (SALT)

Who is eligible: Applicants to the on-campus MS in Information Management program.

The Expect More Library Scholarship is for students who are prepared for an intense but highly rewarding academic experience at the Syracuse University School of Information Studies. We are able to offer the Expect More Library Scholarship program due to a generous donation from our library alumna, Estelle Wilhelm. Expect More Library Scholars receive a 50% tuition award, 20 hours a week of work during the academic year with an iSchool faculty mentor matched to the Scholars area of interest, and up to $1,000 of travel fund reimbursement for professional conferences.

Who is eligible to apply: On campus LIS and LISSM applicants.

The application for this award is now closed for 2016.

The iSchool is committed to increasing the number of information professionals in New York State. This award is a selective 25% tuition award that enables a group of highly motivated and accomplished individuals from New York State to attend the iSchool for graduate study. The goal of the 25% Tuition Award for New York State Residents is to attract permanent residents of New York State to library, information and technology-related careers, enhance the information technology workforce of New York state and sustain state and local industry for the benefit of our future graduates. Applicants must submit a 500 word essay.

Who is eligible to apply: all new iSchool MS and CAS program applicants, including LIS and LISSM, who are permanent residents of New York State. On campus, part time, and full time format students are all eligible to apply.


Have you ever worked in a library? Do you currently work in a library? Do you want to increase your professional opportunities? The iSchool wants to help you achieve your goals. To be eligible, applicants must be admitted to one of these programs and have worked for one or more years in a library or library setting. Students employed for at least an academic year in a library are also eligible. To apply, students must be an applicant to our LIS or LISSM program, submit a 500 word essay describing their work in libraries, and provide a letter of recommendation from their library supervisor.

Who is eligible to apply: LIS, LISSM, and CAS in Data Science applicants. On campus, part time, and full time format students are all eligible to apply.


The program director and faculty of each of the master's programs selects the top candidates for iSchool admission. These applicants are awarded partial tuition awards to recognize their excellence. The indicators of excellence involve academic performance as well as professional and community service. No additional application materials are required; candidates are considered based on their application materials.

Who is eligible: all iSchool MS program applicants, including LIS and LISSM applicants. Current students are also considered for these awards.

The iSchool has developed a Preparing Librarians for High-Needs Schools Scholarship program to help infuse energetic and skilled school media professionals into the high-needs school districts while supporting the highest caliber school media students. Preparing Students for High-Needs Schools Scholarship recipients will receive financial support to cover one-third of their tuition costs. In exchange, those students will be required to complete their fieldwork (100 hours) and practica (300 hours) in high-needs districts, as designated by New York State. Teachers with appropriate experience have an option for reduced practicum hours. There is an additional application for this award, which includes a 500 word essay.

Who is eligible: MS in Library and Information Science with School Media specialization (LIS:SM) and CAS School Media applicants.


The iSchool and has a long history of supporting both veterans and those currently serving in the military. We offer scholarships to help support military personnel and veterans attending one of our master's programs.

This scholarship requires an additional application. Applicants must submit a 500 word essay answering the question: How will your selected choice of study enable you to better serve your country and your profession? Please also provide information about your current military education benefits.

Who is eligible: You must be an applicant to a master's program at the iSchool (campus format) to be eligible to apply for this scholarship.


The iSchool supports diversity in the field of information science. We believe that information impacts and has the potential to transform all individuals and populations. Each year, the iSchool provides tuition awards to individuals admitted to our MS and CAS programs who represent diverse populations and demonstrate a strong commitment toward using the skills of an information professional to impact communities and organizations.

Who is eligible: all iSchool MS and CAS program applicants, including LIS and LISSM. On campus students who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents are eligible.

Tuition awards will be granted to exceptional admitted students to MS in Library and Information Science and MS in Information Management (IM). These awards are typically 25% - 50% tuition awards, but may vary depending on the pool of applicants. Top candidates will be contacted in the spring for an interview. No additional application materials are required; candidates are considered based on the merit of application materials.

Applicants from countries from the Education USA Region of Europe / Eurasia are eligible, including: Albania, Armenia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia (The Former Yugoslav Republic of), Malta, Moldova, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Russian Federation, Serbia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom.

Who is eligible: LIS and IM applicants.


Endowed Scholarships

Students who exemplify excellence may be considered for one of the named graduate assistantships designated specifically for MS in Library and Information Science and MS in Library and Information Science with School Media specialization students below. Graduate assistants are selected based on superior qualifications and references. The award provides full tuition for the academic year in addition to a yearly stipend.

Because the scholars are studying full-time, they may hold no other appointment except, in some cases, an assistantship or internship related to the program of study.

No additional application materials are required for these scholarships; candidates are considered based on their application materials.