Fashion is typically influenced by celebrity “street style,” international fashion weeks, and the latest trends from magazines. However, while some styles come and go, others seem to leave a lasting impression. YOY Studio, a fashion startup from Indonesia, wants its consumers to have the ability to make a fashion statement while carrying its one-of-a-kind, unique, and timeless pieces.

Santika poses with one of the YOY Studio original designs. Photo provided by Santika.

Santika poses with one of the YOY Studio original designs. Photo provided by Santika.

“We have a special technique called marbling,” said Syaravina Santika from YOY Studio. (YOY is one of the student startups that built business in the Syracuse Student Sandbox this summer.)

Santika explains the ‘marbling’ technique as: “when you pour oil paint on top of water, so the water will run out and flow in whatever direction you want. It’s more like an artsy and handmade, one-of-a-kind product.”

Marbling isn’t a new technique – it can be done on paper, fabric, canvases and other surfaces. According to MarbleArt, the practice began in the early 1100s in Persia or Turkey.

Marbling as Style

Today, consumers can see marbling on scarves, dresses, paintings, Pinterest and even on Martha Stewart’s blog. While Santika is familiar with the technique, it’s her partner that really knows its ins-and-outs.

“The technique itself is initiated by my partner in Bandung, but I work with her on the technique so I know the technique as well,” said Santika.”The company is originally hers, but she has a number of business projects that she can not quite solve so I am offering myself to help with the business side.”

Santika worked in the Student Sandbox for 6 weeks to help grow her business.

Santika worked in the Student Sandbox for six weeks to help grow her business.

A 2012 Launch

YOY Studio first launched in 2012 by Santika’s business partner. The company ran for two years, but stopped producing in 2014 because of personal circumstances. Now, the team is looking to start back up and participated in the six-week Student Sandbox this summer as one of the Bandung Institute of Technology participants.

“We only have two people on the team. Her role was in production and designing, so I provide insights about what is going on in the industry and how to market, and how to gain seed funding, and more of the business side of the brand,” said Santika. Still a student, Santika is currently earning her MBA from the Bandung Institute of Technology.

Indonesia Intro First

The team’s first plan of action is to introduce the product locally in Indonesia before potentially entering a wider commercial market.

“In Indonesia, it’s about keeping things local and there are four other cities that have this demand for local brands that haven’t been met yet,” said Santika.

However, because of the one-of-a-kind design and unique marbling technique, YOY Studio does have a competitive advantage, and could fill a void in the fashion market.

Potential Exports

“I’m not just planning to keep it in Indonesia, but I am hoping to start there because it is the market I know,” said Santika. “In the future I would like to export to the USA. I am going to New York [soon], so I will try to make some connections in consignment stores there.”

To learn more about Santika and YOY Studio, follow Santika on Instagram.

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