I wanted this playlist to encapsulate a spectrum of ideas about libraries. Some are very basic, that could be used as tools for librarians and their patrons.

This playlist captures the scope of libraries, including innovations that demonstrate the relevance of libraries today. I also included a fun video about metadata, because it succinctly and helpfully disambiguates a concept that we should all know about, but is specifically directed toward MLIS students.

I hope that this playlist presents a myriad of perspectives on libraries, and the way people represent them online.

Feel free to view each video below. The iSchool has also saved these videos as a curated playlist on YouTube for you to save or watch later!



John Green’s Keynote

Keynote speech from 0:00 to 21:00 – A must-watch to all those who have ever questioned why librarians matter and if libraries should still exist. It includes a great explanation about the importance of libraries as physical spaces, and the championing of librarians as information literacy educators.

He emphasizes the knowledge of how to use and understand information must come from a physical space, from our librarians and educators. There is also a moving moment from the Q&A section (39:45 – 42:08) about how much of a difference educators and school librarians can make, and how they can help children feel seen and heard.



What to expect from libraries in the 21st century

“Libraries are the cornerstones of democracy.” – A succinct and inspirational TED Talk about innovations happening at libraries in Colorado. Also a great example of the power and importance of libraries.

Read more! Librarianship and Democracy: Creating an Informed Citizenry



26 Facts about Libraries

For something a little lighter, these are great “did you knows” to share about libraries throughout history and the world. On top of being great pieces of trivia, it also reinforces the idea of how pervasive libraries have been throughout most of human history, and continue to be relevant.



How to Library

Libraries are Rooms of Requirement. This explains basic functions and services libraries provide in the US, and how to access them. Perhaps a bit basic, but certainly informative and succinct.



What is Metadata?

A primer on a concept that comes up a lot in MLIS studies: What is metadata? This is also helpful to pretty much anyone that uses social media or the internet, because metadata about internet users is collected and used by companies all the time, whether or not you know it is happening. A good thing to be aware of if you’re using the internet, which I imagine you are, if you’re reading this.



Drag Queen Story Hour

Despite the relatively short length of this video, it highlights an important message about services of public libraries. They are using libraries to promote inclusivity, diversity, and collaborate with two very different communities to do so. It goes to show the variety of services libraries can provide, and creative ways of merging different communities within the umbrella of the library space.

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