The study of organizational management plays a large role in my major. At my internship, I was in awe of the diversity and leadership that executive management displayed.

The Federal Bureau Investigation’s (FBI) common mission is to “protect the American people and uphold the Constitution of the United States”. This is emphasized throughout each intern briefing and genuinely demonstrated within my office. Having worked in different environments, the professionalism displayed within my assigned division is what I aim to embody in my career.

Overall, my experience in the Honors Internship Program has expanded my understanding of the different backgrounds that make up the FBI. I look forward to continuing within the Bureau and developing as a young professional.

The End to a Great Beginning with the Bureau

Reflecting on the past six weeks in the FBI, my experience has been overwhelmingly positive. Finding a work environment that genuinely encourages personal and professional development is rare. However, I have come to realize that this encouragement goes beyond the internship program. The ability for employees to travel and involve themselves in various units and divisions throughout their career is enticing. This is in addition to their ability to become leaders along the way.

Being a part of the FBI had been a goal of mine for a few years. Therefore, pointing out negatives throughout this experience is a bit challenging. I feel as though the fast-paced work environment could have become overwhelming, but there was always someone willing to help and further explain things. I’m also grateful to those in human resources and IT that made my transfer process relatively simple.

I look forward to seeing if my suggestions are implemented within the next few years. Especially being interested in the organization of information through the use of technology. Small ideas such as the use of tablets and merging of various databases have allowed me to truly appreciate the fields I am pursuing.

I am eager to gain more experience with the FBI when I continue my internship in the fall. Being able to work both at the headquarters and in the field has taught me a lot about being adaptable in a professional setting.

Tips From One iSchooler to Another

I encourage not only my fellow iSchoolers, but all interns, to make the most of your internship!

Get involved in as much as you can and do not be afraid to engage. It can be a bit intimidating to be a “rookie” in a professional environment. You just have to remember you were hired for a reason. Your skillset and ideas are helpful, so share them!

Lastly, reflect on your experience, share stories and tips with friends, family, and classmates. This will create a network with others around you and allow you to further appreciate your experience.

Kudos to the iSchool

My two years in the iSchool have been nothing short of a great learning experience. There is a lot more I am excited to learn about, but so far, my ability to engage in strategic conversations involving the improvement of databases and suggestions regarding organizational practices is encouraging.

The iSchool demands that their students know how to contribute to a group in a professional manner. This skill is important to have even as an intern. I found it important to show my enthusiasm for everything I expose myself to, but made a point to contribute as well. I encourage all iSchoolers to do the same!