It’s hard to get ahead in the realm of music apps. People will find one way to listen to music on their devices and that will be that. However, there’s one app that adds another layer to listening to the music that you enjoy, and that app is Soundtracking. The app already has 1 million users, but I foresee it becoming a lot more popular in 2012.

What is Soundtracking?

Everyone, at some point, has wished there was some sort of soundtrack to their life. Or at least to some part of their life. With Soundtracking, you can do just that (as if you couldn’t already tell by the name). This app can identify a song playing, or you can select what song you’re listening to and share what it means to you in that moment. You can like or love a track, and then comment on the song. The purpose behind commenting is not only to say how much one likes a song, but sometimes more to tell a story about what a song means in that moment.

Connecting Personal Moments with Music

A quick perusal of the Soundtracking webpage and you can find yourself learning about users and their connections to songs. One I had come across included a lot of comments about the loss of a loved one. One of the coolest parts is that other user comments were thoughts and prayers going out to the user who connected the song to their grieving. You can also add photos to your music selection, only adding to the tale you tell as your soundtrack. From there, you can share your soundtrack with social networks such as Twitter and Facebook, and create a more interesting and fun way to share the music you like and/or love.

Soundtracking gives music lovers another outlet to talk and share about what music means to them. The app is available for iPhone and Android, with the Android app including Spotify and Rdio integration.