Open source is extending its reach into another platform: the smartphone. Despite its initial failure with its crowdfunding campaign, Canonical recently came out with an Ubuntu smartphone called the Ubuntu Edge. It was released a few months ago in Europe.

The features of the open source phone extend beyond just the platform possibilities.

Reactions to the Phone’s Capabilities

So far, the phone has been receiving positive reviews. Techrader has named the device as “revolutionary.” However, as explained in the site’s review, this might actually be a hindrance for the popularity of the product.

ubuntufeat’s photo of the Ubuntu phone.

Another problem that the phone is facing is the fact that apps are a challenge to do with an open source platform. Apps are pretty much the staple of most Apple products and mobile devices, so it would be interesting to see how Canonical would compete with this facet.

However, according to a Techrader article, the Ubuntu phone has the ability for users to create app-like features called “Scopes.” A Scope, however, would be a lot smaller than an app, but its featured can be used for objectives such as location-finding. The Scopes could also use RSS feeds for various sites.

Inspirations for Other Products

Open source is seeming to become a more able facet to other products. Microsoft in recent times is saying that they are going to try to incorporate more open source technology. In Techrepublic, the article describes that these sort of statements are different from the former heads of Microsoft, those of which initially hated open source platforms such as Linux.

What this does for the Tech Community

Open source platforms have been a fantastic way for the tech community to experiment and customize with tech. If a huge company such as Microsoft is becoming more willing to allow open source into the mainstream, this would be a huge advantage for the company and for users themselves. The company will benefit from their approval ratings going up among the tech community and those using the platforms will be able to utilize the products to their full advantage. This trend towards the individual, customizable experience is a step into progress and the future.

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