Braden Croy (right), director of the New Explorations in Information and Science laboratory at the iSchool, demonstrates the use of a 3D printer.

By: Diane Stirling
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Two informational events featuring Syracuse University and School of Information Studies (iSchool) speakers and demonstrators will display some of the expertise students have gained this year through their research and prototyping pursuits.

NEXIS-X: Friday March 27

This Friday, two student makers will speak about and demonstrate the ins and outs of rapid prototyping. The event takes place starting at 3:00 PM in the ICE Box space on the second floor of Hinds Hall.

Braden Croy, director of the New Explorations in Information and Science (NEXIS) student-focused research lab based at the iSchool, said the event will feature two students, Ben Marggraf, and Tom Buchanan, both seniors at Syracuse University's College of Engineering and Computer Science. The pair will show how to cheaply and easily build real-world products, Croy said, noting, “It may sound scary, but 3D printing, CAD modeling, and Arduino are a snap to learn.” Those are among the topics for discussion and demonstration at Friday’s session.

Buchanan is a bioengineering student who is interested in biomechanics and the outdoors. He has been working on implementing a haptic feedback system for a glove that the startup Contact is developing. He serves as its chief operating officer. Marggraf is founder and chief executive officer of Contact and also a biomedical engineering student, where he has been working to design and build two prototypes of a motion capture glove capable of manipulating a virtual or robotic hand. Both Buchanan and Marggraf were students in the Syracuse Student Sandbox in 2014.

NEXIS-X: Friday, April 3

A second NEXIS-X demonstration event will take place on Friday, April 3. It will be held from 1:30 to 2:30 PM in the second-floor ICE Box space in Hinds Hall.

The topic is “Mind Control,” and iSchool senior Ross Lazerowitz will show “how your brain and your computer are able to be linked like never before,” Croy said. Lazerowitz will demonstrate how human computer interaction now transcends the physical and digital, extending into mental coordination.

Lazerowitz is the co-founder of startup Obelisk Technologies, a process for information extraction, organization, and analysis technique that uses state-of-the-art natural language processing techniques and network analysis algorithms. He is presently a product management intern at Splunk, a company that makes machine data accessible, usable and valuable to everyone, its marketing themeline says. Upon graduation in 2015, Lazerowitz will join the company full-time as a product manager.

NEXIS is a student-based membership-driven research center where students can explore their interests and share them with the iSchool and Syracuse University campus community.