School’s out, and the sun is in. You could be out swimming on the beach, pursuing an internship, or studying for another upcoming exam. But one thing is for sure: you definitely have time to check out some InfoSpace blogs from the spring!

From Youtube playlists to scholarship tips, check out the most popular InfoSpace posts from this past spring:

#5: My Internship Journey With Covanta Energy

Ever wondered what it would be like to intern with an energy company? Graduate student Sumeet Santani breaks down his role as a Data Analyst and Business Intelligence intern at Covanta. He also speaks on how his iSchool classwork with IST 645 prepared him for his six-week adventure.

#4: A YouTube Playlist for an Intro to the Cloud, Virtualized Networks, and DevOps

Rather than heading on a Netflix binge, touch up on your knowledge that could help you in the long run. iSchool professor Carlos Caicedo compiled a playlist of videos related to topics from the cloud to the social and economic effects of open networking. Grab your headphones and start listening!

#3: Maximizing Your Summer Internship Search Over Spring Break

If you want to get ahead of the internship game, this blog post is going to be your champion. This post breaks down setting goals, networking, and naming resources for students. And if you’re a recent graduate still looking for a job, maybe this will help you realign yourself to your goals.

#2: 5 Library Science Scholarships You Can Apply To Today

As blogger Georgia Westbrook puts it, being a librarian isn’t cheap. Costs within books, tuition, and a plethora of other factors can break the bank pretty quickly. Here are some library science scholarships that could pick up and help out with the costs, one application at a time.

#1: What New Data Scientists Need to Know for Their First Job

The world of data science is growing faster than ever before. This blog post breaks down other skills and tips that data science companies are looking for in prospective employees. Whether or not you want to go into this field, having an idea on how of navigate these skills could put you one step ahead of the game.

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