Spring Career Fair season is just around the corner! It’s an exciting time for everyone still looking for their summer internship or new job after graduation.

Still need some advice in networking or resume building? Here are 5 of our favorite and most helpful career-related InfoSpace posts from the past few years. And don’t forget: you can always make an appointment with the iSchool’s Career Services, too!

1. How to Prepare for the Career Fair

iSchool Career Fair

In honor of last year’s Career Fair, we turned to an expert – iSchool Career Services’ Christopher Perrello! We asked Christopher some questions about the benefits of preparing for the career fair, as well as going to the career fair!

2. How to Navigate the Internship Hunt

iSchool student Hairol Ma is interning at Slack in San Francisco, CA.

For those looking for internships, our Summer Internship Blogger, Hairol Ma, gave some great tips on how to figure out which internship is right for you.

3. The Importance of Transferable Skills

The Importance of Transferable Skills for Career Growth

This blog post was written by library science professionals but the lessons apply to all. Checkout the checklist for transferable skills in her blog post!

4. Career Networking for Newbies

Illustration of a Handshake - Career Networking for Newbies

Networking is an important part of landing your dream job, and making the right connections is a big step in the right direction. Never networked? That’s okay! You can learn some quick skills in this post.

5. 5 Reasons to Have your Resume Checked

Our last and I’d say most crucial post is all about getting your resume checked. While you might think your resume is ready, it can always use another pair of eyes. Find out how to help your resume here!