In my opinion, Google Chrome is the ultimate web browser, especially when compared to Safari and Internet Explorer. Its user-friendly interface makes for easy browsing. Here are 10 plugins you can install to enhance the Chrome experience.

1. AdBlock – Online advertisements are annoying, especially when they pop up every three seconds. AdBlock will block all of those advertisements and get you right to the content.

2. Instagram – Don’t feel like picking up your phone to check Instagram? No worries. Instagram for Chrome will add a small Instagram icon to your toolbar and with a click, you’ll be able to see your Instagram feed. The layout is similar to that of the mobile version, which makes scrolling through photos easy. When you’re done, click off your feed and the photos will collapse.

3. EasyBib – As a college student, it can be incredibly time-consuming to cite your sources for a research paper. With EasyBib’s new extension, the extension will not only validate the credibility of the web page, but also create a citation. If you’re citing multiple webpages, EasyBib will also create a bibliography for you.

4. Foursquare Notifications – Rather than constantly looking at notifications on your phone, this extension will show you who’s checked in. You can even select the time intervals for the notifications. Popups will appear on the right side of your screen showing who’s checked in and when. Comments can also be added to the checkins, which makes the extension easy to use.

5. PhotoZoom For Facebook – Facebook is full of photos, and more often than not, you’ll want to see them quickly. Rather than clicking on a photo to highlight it and make it appear full-size, this plugin allows you to simply hover over a picture to automatically enlarge it. This makes looking at photos much faster and more convenient. 

6. Google Dictionary – This Google Chrome extension allows you to simply double click a word and the definition will pop up within the webpage you’re looking at. This eliminates the need to copy and paste a word into another web page with a dictionary pulled up.

7. SlipStream – It was difficult for me to find a good web extension that effectively muted hashtags, but SlipStream worked. SlipStream lets you block certain hashtags, tweets from specified users, and topics of conversation for your timeline. (This was incredibly useful for when I didn’t want to hear anything about the presidential debates before I watched them!) The extension works right on your Twitter page,  and the process to change the “rules” to view your timeline is relatively straightforward.

8. Missing e – This one’s for Tumblr fans. Missing e will optimize your blogging experience. Features such as faster reblogs, hiding NSFW content, and a photo enlarger come in handy when using the site. There are a number of other features that come along with the extension, so check the site for more details. 

9. Pinterest Pin Button – For all Pinterest addicts, this extension is a lifesaver. If  you see a picture on a webpage that you want to pin, simply click on the little Pinterest icon in your web browser to create a pop-up that will let you pin the image of your choosing to any of your boards. Now there’s no need to go back and forth between your favorite sites and your Pinterest page.

10. – On Twitter, every character counts And in emails, no one likes a link that’s 50 lines long. Connect your account to your Twitter account so web pages you’re viewing can easily be shared with your friends with a link that isn’t overbearing.

Note: many of these extensions are also available for other web browsers!

What other Google Chrome extensions help your web browsing? Share them in the comments below!