Video streaming apps have skyrocketed in popularity with the introduction of Meerkat and its widespread adoption by celebrities, especially. But the new streaming app that everyone is talking about, especially after a recent New York City building collapse, is called Periscope.

Periscope is an app that is relatively easy to sign up for–you just need to download the iOS friendly app to your phone, log in with your Twitter account, and then you’re all set to watch. You can also follow your Twitter friends as well as celebrities or people whose streams you like.

The giant pull with Periscope is that it’s poised to change the way live news and citizen reporting happens. As Twitter user Michael Margolis states:

I feel like Periscope was very lucky and came about at the right time. The horrible event of a New York City fire was the perfect springboard to get people talking about this app–and eventually downloading it.

In my opinion, the app needs a few adjustments in way of the ability to search for keywords in order to make specific streams easier to find. Also, there is one other small issue that Twitter users Minotti Minultillo and Brad Slavin bring to light that I completely agree with:

But the benefits far outweigh the downfalls. Everyone now has the ability to become a citizen reporter just by downloading an app and recording what’s happening around them. Imagine what an app like this will do in the realm of breaking news and live events like the NCAA March Madness games–anyone in the world will be able to be in the middle of the action whether they’re five miles or five hundred miles away.

I think that the future of streaming apps is looking bright, both for creators and the early adopters of these new apps.

Did you watch the NYC fire stream on Periscope? What was your experience like?

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