When I first heard that MySpace was planning to roll out a redesign, naturally, the first thing that popped into my head was, “In what capacity will Justin Timberlake be involved?”

After putting my current childhood Timberlake crush aside, I was still intrigued. Could a complete design overhaul revive the fledgling social network?

MySpace launched a teaser trailer for the redesign earlier this week, and based purely on aesthetics, the site could become a formidable opponent to the poorly-designed Facebook and new Twitter layout. Take a look:

A few observations: First, Jake’s Housewarming seems like it was an absolute blast. (David Croft killed it, man!)

Second, I think the redesign itself is a successful one. The Pinterest-esque layout for photos and trending stories is clean and clutter-free, and the horizontal navigation stream suits the layout well and is a refreshing change from traditional scrolling. The audio controls are located in the bottom navigation bar, encouraging users to listen to music while they explore. This is a major manifestation of MySpace’s continued emphasis on music and serving as a vehicle for up-and-coming artists to grow their audiences.

The video also indicates that Twitter and Facebook integration will be included, and users will be able to “bring their stuff” by uploading their photos, videos, and playlists. Artists will be able to use the redesigned analytics to see fan demographics and engagement, and interact with their “top fans.”

The MySpace makeover has generated a largely positive response thus far. However, it remains to be seen whether or not a shiny new look will draw old users back in. Serving up the same content with a new look might not be a substantive enough approach to return MySpace to its former glory, but only time will tell. To be one of the first to experience the new MySpace, you can submit your email to request an invitation.

The squeeze page copy mentions¬†musicians, photographers, filmmakers, and designers, offering some insight into MySpace’s target audience for this effort. I’m interested to see how each group embraces the new site, and if MySpace will truly evolve from “a place for friends” and “a place for music” to “a place for everyone.”

What do you think of MySpace’s new look? Will you use the new site? Share your thoughts in the comments section!