I have not yet bought an Apple Watch.

With an Apple Store just next door and some time on my hands, I decided to try on an Apple Watch (hereinafter Watch). I’m an Apple fanboy, so this is entirely appropriate.

The Apple Store associate I worked with was friendly, hip, and knowledgeable. He had the Watch spiel down pat. He was not flustered when he could not answer my questions and quickly got answers for me.



I tried on both the 38m and 42mm sport edition. The 42mm is too large for me. The 38mm is readable, fits well and is light on the arm. The demo cycle puts the Watch through its paces, including the expected taps that come when a message arrives. Pretty neat so far.



Does the Watch support Apple Pay with my iPhone 5s, even though the 5s does not support it? Yes.

Can I wear the Watch while I kayak, paddle board or wash the car? No. The Watch is water resistant but not water proof.

Will the Watch capture my heart rate even if I don’t have the iPhone? Yes.

But it will not know where I’ve been nor will it know how far I’ve gone.

What does the Watch do when not near (more than 25 feet away) the iPhone? It tells time, can play music you moved to the Watch from the iPhone (you need Bluetooth headphones to really hear the music), and keeps track of steps taken and heart rate. Regarding music, I’ve read it is not possible to move audiobooks to the Watch – not good given the many books I listen to.




  • The Watch is a complement to the iPhone and seemingly not meant to do much on its own.
  • I don’t struggle too much to dig my iPhone out of my pocket to interact with it nor do I constantly refer to it.
  • I don’t now wear a watch, except when I’m dressed up.
  • The Watch can’t be worn when it might get wet.
  • The Watch is another beautiful manifestation of Apple’s design excellence and feels wonderful on the wrist.

So, as of right now, no sale.

I’ll certainly keep an eye on the Watch. Perhaps some compelling app will be developed that makes the Watch a must-have. Or, more likely, its siren song will capture me.

Have you bought a Watch? What do you think of the design? Have you resisted purchasing it, the way I have? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments – so leave them here!