There is a high-tech, fun place on campus that many students may not know about. The MakerSpace in Kimmel Hall’s basement, the computer lab, is a destination that students should take advantage of.

The different technologically advanced options offered at the MakerSpace include laser engraving, 3D printing, wood engraving, and embroidering. This is completely free for all students and they should embrace the space. Students can expand their creative skills and explore different materials to use.

The MakerSpace has faculty and student staff that can help make ideas real. The staff usually wear Information Technology School (ITS) shirts on, a clear identifier they know the area well. They are very helpful and are always around when somebody needs assistance. The students that work there have experience and training in all the different equipment.

3D Printers

The 3D printing machines are one of the more attractive things that the MakerSpace offers. Multiple printers are constantly in use, making objects for students. Every computer in the lab has the downloaded software  to create whatever the student would want. If help is needed to make the idea, the ITS students can teach the student what to do. Some examples of 3D printing projects are a city skyline chess set, bookends, cubes, board game pieces, and random little figurines.

Create Your Own Stickers with Vinyl Cutting

Vinyl cutting is another thing that the MakerSpace offers. This means making all types of stickers. These stickers can be placed on laptops, notebooks, phones, water bottles, and even t-shirts. The t-shirt stickers’ are professionally pressed onto the shirt (or other clothing items) by the student, and then the clothing item is ready to wear. This is a great way for students who like stickers, and cannot find the exact ones they want, to come to this place and make something that is not anywhere else in the world.

Wood Engraving, Laser Engraving, and Embroidery

Wood engraving is another service offered. Many students are in Greek life, and most them have a traditional wood paddle as a gift to somebody else in the fraternity or sorority. This could be a more interesting way to decorate a paddle. Personally, one student did this for their ‘big’. The paddle was so unique because he engraved his name, his big’s name, APO, and other things right into the paddle.

The embroidery machines are used on any type of clothing item. A needle and thread are used to stich a design onto the material to make something brand new, like patches on jeans or a slogan on a hat. This is a very permanent stich onto material. Embroidery is useful because some clothes can look plain and boring, and adding it can make an outfit more expressive.

Even another offering from them is laser engraving. This means that any design or logo can be put onto a glass product. Once the glass is engraved, the design is permanent. I have used this before, and now I have a glass that everyone in my household knows it is mine.


DIY Swag at the MakerSpace

All these services are unique for each student that uses it. Since every machine needs and idea behind it, everything made in the MakerSpace is different. The things made could also be used as presents for friends and family. Paddles within Greek Life is a major idea that could become popular, but also things like engraved glasses, embroidered shirts for groups, and even vinyl cutting to make specific stickers for a club could be a new way to identify with a certain organization.

Other than just new tech machines, this space is also home to many computers and printers. This is a place students can come to just to do homework. The computers there do have software that students can learn and practice on, such as adobe photoshop and all the Microsoft products.

Any of these things could be used as an innovative present, different ways to express yourself, or a unique way to do a project for a class. Everybody on Syracuse’s campus need to recognize awesome technology that is being offered. It is welcome to all students, faculty, and staff to use for pure enjoyment.