Syracuse University’s partnership with the location-based social media game Foursquare was featured on About Foursquare, an unofficial blog concerning all things Foursquare.

Over Homecoming weekend, the University social media team, including School of Information Studies students David Rosen ’11 and Alyssa Henry G’12, promoted the SU partnership with the Foursquare for Universities program.

“Syracuse University is considered one of Foursquare’s signature schools,” wrote blogger Chris Thompson. “This weekend, though, they’re aiming to top it all with an all out foursquare assault at Homecoming.”

The social media team set up a booth in the Schine Student Center to teach alumni about Foursquare, as well has give out T-shirts to those who had earned the “Campus Explorer” Badge on Foursquare. Users of the social network earn badges depending on where and how many times they “Check In” to certain locations. The aim of the game developed by SU alumni Dennis and Jonathan Crowley is for users is to collect badges and become the “mayor” of a place by checking in at a location more than any other user.

A big part of the initiative was also broadcasting tweets and Foursquare check-ins on LED television screens across campus. Otto the Orange even held up a “Check In Here” sign at the football game against Pittsburgh.

“It’s exciting to see schools and students taking the lead in promoting Foursquare on their campuses,” Thompson wrote. “It’s a great way to increase involvement in the many different activities at Homecoming and should result in some good exposure for Foursquare to a mainstream audience.”