Mashable, the web site devoted to web and social media trends, recently featured an article “What Companies Want in Social Media Interns,” featuring Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) Online Community and Relationship Manager Kelly Lux.

“We look for someone who already has a presence in social media, either active on Twitter, blogging, etc.,” Lux was quoted as saying. She continued to say that her interns also have to project a positive presence. “There are plenty of students who are active on social media but who would not be appropriate as representatives of the University.”

The article focused on the qualities many companies look for, including good writing and communication skills, an already established network, enthusiasm for social media and the company, and willingness to work in teams without a lot of supervision.

“Someone who is creative, good at coming up with ideas — willing to take an idea and run with it without a lot of micro-managing by me, has tons of enthusiasm for what they are doing and is always looking for what we can do next,” Lux said.

Lux also mentioned that social media interns have “to work hard, at a moment’s notice, at all hours of the day and night.”

An employee of Syracuse University since 2007, Lux joined the iSchool June 30 as its online community and relationship manager. She provides guidance and assistance across the iSchool on how best to use online and social media strategies to further evolve relationships with employers, alumni, development prospects, and potential and current students. She is also a key member of the team supporting the University’s campus-wide social media project. Lux’s new role enables her to build on the skills she developed through engaging with alumni and job-seeking students via social networks as alumni programs coordinator at SU’s Career Services.