Woodhead Publising has just released a book, The Information and Knowledge Professional’s Career Handbook: Define and Create Your Success, by Syracuse University School of Information Studies Professor of Practice Jill Hurst-Wahl and Ulla de Stricker.

“de Stricker and I have given career advice to many, many people,” Hurst-Wahl said. “Two years ago, we decided that we should bottle-up our advice so that more people could benefit from our expertise.”

Hurst-Wahl and de Stricker offer advice not just from themselves but 15 of their colleagues from over the years.

“Information professionals and knowledge managers deal with significant challenges in building successful careers for a number of reasons associated with common misperceptions of their expertise and roles,” Hurst-Wahl said. “In environments where they must often justify their work and value over and over again, those already in the profession need a boost and those just entering need to be prepared for a reality that may differ quite a bit from their expectations. The book is intended to give readers a set of tools and techniques with which to secure a strong career, build an effective brand, and succeed as professionals.”

Several bookstores are already carrying the career advice manual and major retailers Amazon and Barnes and Noble have pre-publication deals. More information on the book can be found at Hurst-Wahl’s blog or the book’s Facebook page.

In addition to her role as professor of practice at the iSchool, Hurst-Wahl, MLS, is a digitization consultant and owner of Hurst Associates Ltd. She is 2011-2013 member of the Special Libraries Association Board of Directors, and her interests include digitization, digital libraries, copyright, Web 2.0, and social media.