An ABC News article “Social Media Jobs: Are They For You?” quotes Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) Professor of Practice Anthony Rotolo on the different kinds of jobs in the emerging field of social media.

Though companies have different strategies for deploying social media, Rotolo said at the core, “These positions are focused on building relationships with an organization’s audience, learning from customer feedback and even acting as an advocate for the customer.”

The article details the kinds of jobs open in social media, as well as profiles college students hoping to work in the growing field. According to Rotolo, the primary qualifications are “excellent communication skills and a passion for connecting with people on the web” and the jobs are not just limited to the younger generation growing up with Twitter and Facebook.

“There are many examples of successful social media professionals who are more senior,” Rotolo said. “It is more important that the individual possess the right experience to meet the organization’s needs … and have a deep knowledge of its customers and culture.”

Rotolo holds a B.S. in Information Management and Technology and a M.S. in Information Management, both from the Syracuse University iSchool. In May 2009, he received the iSchool Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award, and in December, he received the Web-based Information Science Education Consortium’s 2009 Excellence in Online Education Award. He is also the co-founder of, a creative agency specializing in social media, animation and interactive content.