A story by CNY Central “Downloading for Safety: Protecting your identity” featured Syracuse University School of Information Studies (iSchool) Professor of Practice Anthony Rotolo on information sharing on social networks.

“We have to remember that not only are we sharing invormation with people in our network, we’re often sharing information with everyone,” Rotolo said. “So we have to remember, if we use a tool like FourSquare or Facebook to let our locations be known publicily, that information may be useful to someone who would like to know when we are not at home.”

Rotolo, who teaches classes on social media at the iSchool, cautions people to not share everything online and to make sure that privacy settings are set so that only one’s trusted friends have access to certain information. Security experts also list a number of details that shouldn’t be shared online, including relationship status, birthday and phone number, as these can be used to steal more personal information.

Rotolo holds a B.S. in Information Management and Technology and a M.S. in Information Management, both from the Syracuse University iSchool. In May 2009, he received the iSchool Outstanding Faculty of the Year Award, and in December, he received the Web-based Information Science Education Consortium’s 2009 Excellence in Online Education Award. He is also the co-founder of Enormo.us, a creative agency specializing in social media, animation and interactive content.