Three iSchool alums currently working for the General Electric’s (GE) Information Management Leadership Program (IMLP) were at the iSchool April 16 for a meet-and-greet event to recruit interested students for the competitive program. The ILMP representatives were:

  • Will Kievit ’09. Kievit is a second rotation IMLP for GE Capital. He currently works on IT compliance and software governance projects for the company. Kievit is currently managing a project that impacts more than 30 global GE Money Bank businesses.
  • Patrick Lauzon ’09. Lauzon is a second rotation IMLP for GE Energy who works in power and water in Schenectady, NY. During his time at the iSchool, he majored in information management and technology and completed a minor in business management. Lauzon completed two internships with GE during the summers following his sophomore and junior years.
  • Kaitlin Lambracht G’08. Lambracht is currently a first rotation IMLP at GE Corporate in Shelton, CT. For her first assignment, she is leading three IT projects related to finance. During her time at the iSchool, she worked at Information Technology & Services. She also interned at GE during the summer of 2009 in Albany, NY.

“We want to see who is out there and interested in applying to the IMLP program,” Lambracht said. “This event allows us to build interest in the company and program at the iSchool.”

IMLP is a full-time six-month program with four rotational assignments through one of GE’s major business units. Depending on the business unit, assignments vary from project management to social media based assignments. All participants go through a rigorous month-long training program when they begin. At this training session participants learn the skills necessary to complete their projects and get further acquainted with the goals and mission of GE.

The event attracted undergraduate and graduate students looking for information on GE’s summer internship programs as well as the IMLP program. Many students asked about what types of rotations the IMLP program offered and when the best time to apply was.

Recruiters told students that GE hires for its IMLP program year-round and is always looking for new applicants. Interested students who are not immediately graduating were recommended to apply to one of GE’s summer internship programs to build their resume and give them one more advantage over the competition when applying for the IMLP.

The representatives shared their diverse experiences in the program with interested students and told them why they chose to apply.

Lauzon said he was drawn to the diversity of the program and the company dedication to the training of its young employees.“GE is really good about investing in this program,” Lauzon said. “They dedicate so much time to training and making sure we are involved in projects.”

Lambracht was attracted to the global aspect of the company and its successful, well-known brand name.“GE is a global company who is involved in numerous industries and is dedicated to helping the environment,” Lambracht said. “Being a part of their team gives you the opportunity to contribute to something bigger.”