Every year, the MS in Library and Information Science program taps outstanding graduates for membership in Beta Phi Mu, the International Library and Information Studies Honor Society. 

This year 11 new members were initiated at a luncheon ceremony at the Sheraton Syracuse Conference Center. 

Pi Lambda Sigma, the Syracuse chapter of Beta Phi Mu, is pleased to announce these new members:  Annamichelle Chovanec, Staci Costello, Carl Haynes, Alexandra Heidler, Katrina Maust, Anjali Parasnis-Samar, Juan Rivera, Kenneth Roman, Roger Schonfeld, Joshua Schulman, and Kathleen Swingly.  

Pi Lambda Sigma, founded at Syracuse University in 1903, is the oldest library honor society in the United States.

Beta Phi Mu, was founded at the University of Illinois in August 1948. Since then, the society has recognized superior efforts in library and information studies and encouraged librarians and students to achieve excellence in their work.

In 1959, Pi Lambda Sigma affiliated with Beta Phi Mu, to expand local efforts in the areas of library and information studies. 

For information about the Syracuse chapter of the honor society, visit their website: bpm.syr.edu, or email iSchool staff advisor Blythe Bennett at babennet@syr.edu