The Fourth of July is a wonderful celebration of America’s independence. But it also marks the last day of my summer vacation. Honestly, I’m okay with that. I am ready to take my first big step into the real world to begin my career in information technology.

Starting July 5, I will be an intern in EY’s (Ernst & Young) Launch Program in New York City. Since I’m from New Jersey, I have visited New York City countless times. This summer, however, I will get to experience NYC from a new perspective: a tall glass building in Times Square. Although I haven’t started my internship yet, I still managed to learn so much from preparing for it. Here is how I prepared for my first big break:

On-boarding at EY’s Launch Program

After accepting EY’s offer to be an intern in the Launch Program, I received instructions on how to begin the on-boarding process. I had no idea what an on-boarding process was. Soon, I learned that it was a way to help new hires adjust to a company. You have to read up on the company’s history, guidelines and forms.

In addition to learning about the founders of EY, I also received a list of important contacts and forms. Overall, the on-boarding process answered many of my questions, educated me on the company, and put my mind at ease.


In addition to the on-boarding process, I am in contact with my EY recruiter who answers all of my additional questions. I am good friends with a recent iSchool graduate who has been an intern in EY’s Launch Program and is currently working for EY full time. She can give me advice about the Launch Program, EY’s culture, and what to expect overall.

Where to Live and What to Wear

Fortunately, I live in New Jersey and I am only a 20 minute train ride from Manhattan. So I don’t have to look for a roommate or rent an apartment. However, I do have to revamp my business casual and business professional wardrobe; everything from shoes to suits. This is one of the main ways I prepared for my internship.

What to Expect

I don’t know what to expect – and I sort of like that. This summer will be my first giant step toward starting my career. I already have a support system at EY, such as recent iSchool graduates and my EY recruiter. I believe opportunities will grow from my current support system, the new people I get a chance to meet, and my fellow interns.

Besides my internship, my bucket list for the summer is to apply for to study abroad spring 2018 and bring all the ideas I have in my head to life by treating them as a project with deadlines and deliverables.

Feeling Prepared

Most of the projects I will be working on will rely heavily on teamwork. Thankfully, I have practice from IST 335: Introduction to Information-Based Organizations and IST 352: Information Analysis of Organizational Systems.

I also think that there is going to be some public speaking when talking about and presenting projects. I have some experience in public speaking from IST 444, Information Reporting and Presentation. Overall, I am grateful for this opportunity to spend my summer at a place where I can put my current skills to the test.

By the end of my internship, I hope to complete innovative projects, utilize new software and technology I have never been exposed to before, and build my professional network. Ultimately, I am very excited for this experience and to decide whether this is the career path for me.

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