Walking into the iSchool recently, the ground and main floors had been completely transformed–at least for the day. The iSchool Involvement Fair was underway. Student representatives stood by colorful posters and computers as they talked to undergraduate and graduate students about iSchool groups. Whether it was Grad mentors, Peer advisors, or a dozen of the other student groups, every organization encouraged students to get involved and become a part of the close-knit community.

Information Security Club: An Up-and-Coming Student Organization


Sharma and O’Neil speak with a prospective student about opportunities with the Information Security Club.

Last week, the iSchool hosted the “iSchool Student Groups Involvement Fair” on the main floors of Hinds Hall. While some of the organizations focused on mentoring or helping first-year students become acclimated, a number of the organizations focused a specific part of the information field, such as the Information Security Club.

“This is our second year running the group,” said Randy O’Neil, a senior information management student, and one of the club’s organizers. “But we really want more students to become aware of information security.”

O’Neil also works with senior Kunal Sharma to run the student group. Their goal is to challenge students by introducing them to topics and activities related to hacking or security defense.

“It won’t be technical right away,” said Sharma. “We try to understand where everyone is at and their interests. We want everyone to be challenged every day and our goal is to have everyone move forward.”

IT Girls: Alumnae Chapter Brings Together Women in Tech

In addition to tech-related organizations, the involvement fair also included groups whose mission was to inspire and celebrate students who have volunteered and given back to the community. One of these groups was IT girls alumnae.

“It Girls Alumnae is an alumnae group that brings together students who have helped with the overnight retreat,” said Elizabeth Griffin, a student representative from IT Girls Alumnae and a first-year graduate student in the LIS program.

It Girls Alumnae group was represented at the Involvement Fair

It Girls Alumnae group was represented at the Involvement Fair

The Senior Squad: Working With Students & Planning Events

A few of the student groups that attended the involvement fair also wanted feedback and ideas from their peers. “The Senior Squad,” a group of four students–two class marshalls and two student representatives from the senior class–  organizes various events for seniors at the iSchool.

“The Senior Squad builds more of a student iSchool community, especially during the second semester,” said Lindsay Withers, one of the four senior squad members.

Last year, the Senior Squad organized a night at Faegans, a toast on the quad and a “Climb to the Chimes.” This year, the group wants to plan a BBQ and Insomnia Cookie night among other activities.

An Introduction for Freshman and First-Year Grad Students


Dave, a first year graduate student in the iSchool, is looking forward to joining student organizations with a tech focus.

Most of the students visiting the fair were freshman or first-year grad students who were looking to learn more about extracurricular activities available to incoming students.

“I really enjoyed it, it’s not something I have really come across before,” said Jay Dave, a first-year graduate student studying telecommunications, who explained that he signed up for technical-related student organizations such as the Information Security Club.

To learn more about student organizations at the iSchool, visit the iSchool website.