By: Hailey Temple

Jennifer Stromer-Galley, an associate professor at the School of Information Studies (iSchool) has been elected as vice president of the Association of Internet Researchers for a two-year term.

As one of the organization’s original members when it was founded in 1999, Stromer-Galley immediate found a home with fellow Internet scholars, calling it “love at first cite” in her proposal while running for the position. “At a time when the Internet wasn’t widely popular, here was an interesting and eclectic interdisciplinary place for people interested in the Internet. I immediately felt at home with this organization,” said Stromer-Galley.

Stromer-Galley ran against two other candidates for the position that she will hold for two years. She will later serve as president from 2015 and 2017 and continue to serve as an advisory member following her term.

When first approached by the current president to apply for the position, she was hesitant to assume the role, as she is currently working on publishing a book and is the lead investigator for a major research consortium with five universities and a game company. However, with the Internet’s major prevalence in today’s society, she hopes to strengthen the identity of the organization.

“It’s an important time for the organization to reflect and think about what it means to be an Association of the Internet when the Internet is everywhere. I feel like this position will allow me to help establish a clear vision while building on my own skill sets as a leader” said Stromer-Galley.

As Stromer-Galley begins her second semester as an associate professor at the iSchool, she hopes that her new position as vice president will supplement her role at the school. As an interdisciplinary organization, she notes the Association for Internet Researchers mirrors the academic approach at the iSchool that allows scholars and students to gain perspectives on the many facets of Internet research.

With support from the iSchool, Stromer-Galley is looking forward to discussing her vision for the Association of Internet Researchers with iSchool Dean Liz Liddy. “I am amazed at the enthusiasm Dean Liddy shows for my new position. With her entrepreneurial spirit and support, I anticipate the iSchool will help me be successful in this new role.”