My first week at AT&T Middletown, NJ as an intern was an elating, exciting, enriching experience. AT&T started off as a telecommunications company, but today it has established itself as a media and technology services provider globally too.

What Happens the First Week of an Internship

The first week of my internship mostly consisted of the on-boarding process and networking opportunities with the leaders of AT&T. During the week we had the opportunity to network with our Business Partner over meet and greet breakfast, lunch with the Team Leads, and we got to interact the other interns better during an off-site fun event to Top Golf.

Jumping Into Data Science at AT&T

This summer I am interning as a Data Scientist with the Chief Data Office (CDO) Unit one of AT&T’s high-growth divisions. The team with which I would be working has generated over $100 million profit across the company last year. I will be working on big data using Hadoop, Pyspark, Postgres, Grafana for analyzing, cleaning and transforming the data to create dashboard metrics.

My goal is to create a single, standardized dashboard model to be used by the leaders of AT&T across the CDO unit. The goal is to create a central location for the users to access, interact and analyze up-to-date information so they can make data-driven decisions in real-time.

Even though it’s only been a week, it astonishes me how all the theory and concepts I learned at iSchool are immediately applicable to my internship. Professors of iSchool help us build a strong foundation which helps us during real-time assignments.

Innovating Innovation

Poorvi tries out at Oculus VR headset for her innovation challenge.

Poorvi tries out at Oculus VR headset for her Intern Innovation Challenge.

AT&T provides everyone with great openings to grow. They believe in “Innovating Innovation.” As an intern, we are provided with the opportunity to participate in the Intern Innovation Challenge.

We were divided into teams and must create a project on VR/AR (Virtual Reality/ Augmented Reality). Each team is given a VR Oculus to work with. By the end of the internship, each group with coming out with a mini project on it.

Summer Plans and Exploring

My other plans for this summer other than the internship are to explore different places try different cuisines and go on a few mini trips to New York as its only 83 minutes away – unlike 5 hours travel journey from Syracuse.

It’s already been three weeks into the internship and my project swings into full gear and I’m really looking forward to it.

AT&T provides all the interns with an encouraging and motivating environment to work. It’s great to know that I can rely on in case I come across any difficulties during my internship this summer. I know I will need all the help I can get!

Have a great summer everyone!