If you aren’t familiar with Songza, now is the time to get acquainted.

The New York City based startup has grown increasingly popular over the last two years, and is starting to become more of a recognized brand within the tech scene. The service aims to provide music for every mood. Users arrive at the concierge, where they are able to select music based on their mood.

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Songza detects the day and time and generates playlists based on that information

The service became wildly popular based on this option alone. The ability to have playlists for pregaming with friends and a night in with your significant other was a sure fire way to always have the right atmosphere for any type of setting. The playlists are carefully created by the Songza team, ensuring that each playlist has appropriate songs for each setting.

Songza has released features within the past two years that have enhanced the user experience. The ability to also choose music for different moods, as well as different time periods, allows users to pick the exact playlist that fit their mood.

The music app recently released a new feature to add to their already awesome concept: music to go along with the weather. Songza has partnered with The Weather Channel in order to deliver playlists that reach the rainy, sunny, or stormy weather in your area. Gone are the days of searching or (or creating) the perfect rainy day playlist. Songza has already done the work for you. 

An example of a weather related playlist

An example of a weather related playlist

This is a huge step for Songza! As the team continues to try and develop ways to make playlists for people, bringing in the weather was a great idea. Adding this feature further allows users to connect with the mood or environment they’re surrounded in. By further personalizing a listening experience, Songza is able to connect with their users and further enhance their service.

Songza has a web player, but you can listen to playlists on the go with mobile apps for iPhones, Androids, Windows Phone and BlackBerrys. If you need a playlist for the weather, time of day, or the mood you’re in, Songza is the app to have. 

Will you use this new feature in Songza? Share your thoughts in the comments!