“Techno Color Yawn” is full of energy!  “I love this space!” one group member enthused, while another spoke of their love for the food provided this weekend.

“I’m used to working with Newhouse students only,” said Nick Cicero, a graduate student from Newhouse, explaining that he has really enjoyed the cross-campus collaboration this weekend.  All members seemed to share this sentiment, saying that they learned a lot from the variety of perspectives within their group.  “Through this group, we’ve been able to make something we wouldn’t have been able to make on our own,” one group member explained.

In their presentation this afternoon, “Techno Color Yawn” will focus on creating a “tangible internet experience.”  Though the internet currently allows for one to experience audio and visual elements, the group wants to explore the possibility of stimulating other senses in the digital space.  The group wants to breakdown the fourth wall.

Check out this video of Techno Color Yawn in action:

Techno Color Yawn