SnapChat has taken the mobile app market by storm throughout 2013. Incredibly popular with young adults, SnapChat allows users to share pictures and videos for up to 10 seconds, which then instantaneously “disappear.” Recently SnapChat released SnapChat Stories, catapulting itself into comparison amongst the Instagrams of the mobile app market.

Image via iTunes Store

Imagine this scenario…Your friend  is staring at his/her phone, then suddenly bursts into laughter. You could go for a good laugh, and say to your friend, “Hey, what’s so funny?” That friend’s response: “Oh, it was a great SnapChat. I should have saved it.”

Have you ever wished that perfect SnapChat had saved to your camera roll automatically? Of course, there’s an app for that.

Image via iTunes Store

Image via iTunes Store

SnapHack is an iOS application that will save SnapChats to your camera roll without the sender knowing.

Logging into SnapHack is made easy by using your SnapChat login username and password.

Taking Snapshots within SnapChat is one option, however this notifies a sender that you are saving their SnapChat.

While using SnapHack, a sender will only see that a SnapChat was delivered, unknowing that the SnapChat has been opened and saved. SnapHack also displays a small preview of a SnapChat before opening the image.

My personal disclaimer:

The app is relatively new and most recently updated to version 1.1 a few days ago. When logging into SnapHack, you will be logged out of SnapChat, forced to sign back in to use the actual application.

SnapHack essentially defeats the intended purpose of SnapChat, but it is one easy way to save SnapChats. One other downer is that the app costs $2, which is slightly off-putting since it’s used to monitor the free SnapChat application.

No data simply disappears. SnapHack your friends and let me know what you think in the comments!