The second in a two-year series of working seminars and meetings that is exploring the broad space of ‘smart cities’ is scheduled for December 10. This broad topic includes issues as varied as designing livable spaces, considerations of urban life and work, the importance of sustainability, the roles of information and digital technologies, the ways in which municipalities work together and with residents, the nature of community, and the ways in which Syracuse—as a city and a region—reflects the issues and opportunities of vibrant communities.

This seminar will feature an exhibition of three student ideas to reinvent the community from three different schools at Syracuse University:

  • Students from the School of Architecture have explored affordable housing alternatives in New York City.  Their project examines the future of housing in the 21st century as more people move to urban areas. 
  • School of Information Studies students worked with the City of Syracuse on studying the Smart City Syracuse initiative, a project to outfit 50 light poles with smart hardware and software, including Wi-Fi hubs, 5G technology, and sensors to measure traffic movement and weather conditions.
  • Students from the School of Design in the College of Visual and Performing Arts conducted a joint research and studio effort with Catholic Charities of Onondaga County to renovate their existing office space into an innovative, efficient, and collaborative workspace.

Student representatives from all of the projects will be on hand at the seminar, scheduled for 4:00 – 5:30 on Monday, December 10 in the Galleria at the Shaffer Art Building.