Author’s note: For the duration of Spring Break this week, 15 students from across the Syracuse University campus have the opportunity to visit dozens of technology companies in and around the San Francisco area. Follow along with them during their days of travel, tours, and fun times.

Day Four:

This day was probably one of the more exciting days on the trip just because we were going to a lot of companies that the group as a whole was really familiar with. We started off at Lux Capital, made our way to Evernote afterwards (and got some awesome swag). From there, we went to, then to one of the most anticipated visits of the trip: Twitter. And to close out our day, we went to and finally Dropbox.

Dropbox was a cool experience because we had dinner with our host, took a tour of the facility, and then the kids in the group that have a startup or an idea for a startup pitched those ideas to our host from Dropbox and got feedback from him. It was truly an enriching experience.

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