As a new IUT iSchool student, I had no idea what to expect when going on a road trip. I decided to sign up for the Rochester “Hometown” road trip to see for myself. At first, I was nervous and unsure about what to expect, but now I want to go on more trips with the iSchool and take advantage of all the opportunities available to meet with potential employers and alumni.

First Stop: Xerox

We visited three very different companies on this road trip: Xerox, Wegman’s, and Butler/Till. Our first stop was Xerox. After almost a two-hour drive, we all got off the bus and went into a conference room.

We met with Kevin Leysath, the University Relations Manager at Xerox and a group of other employees of all different backgrounds. He introduced what Xerox does and the variety of IT positions they have available both in Rochester and internationally. Trust me they’re more than just a printing company.

They also provided us with a panel of employees who offered their advice. As well as more detailed information about what they do at Xerox such as Project Management and Information Security.

A unique aspect of working at Xerox that stood out to me was the existence of caucuses and groups that promote diversity in the workplace. The Women’s Alliance and A.C.T. (Asians Coming Together) are two that they promote in their workplace. We were able to ask them questions and network with them, as well as learn about internship and employment opportunities.

Xerox Headquarters


Second Stop: Wegmans

We got back on the bus and went to the Wegmans headquarters. What made this visit even more exciting was the food. We sandwiches, fruits, and desserts – I was so full, I tried not to fall into a food coma.

Traditionally when someone thinks about Wegmans, IT doesn’t come to mind. The CIO and other employees we spoke to proved that without the IT department, Wegmans would cease to exist. We learned about their different IT areas like Project Support, Enterprise Architecture, and Network and Communication Services.

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One thing that really stood out was their future plans to equip all stores with Internet of Things. IoT will make the shopping experience of every customer more personalized and efficient.

After meeting with the directors of the different IT sectors and getting a tour of their headquarters, it was super apparent that Wegman’s is a company that is very people based and a place that highly values interpersonal skills in their employees. They also hold their customer satisfaction as their highest goal and take their feedback very seriously.



Final Stop: Butler/Till

Our final stop was Butler/Till, a Media and Communications agency with a warm, start-up feel. We walked in and asked us if we’re allergic to dogs. Seemed like a random question until they told us that every Friday is Dog Day Friday where employees are encouraged to bring their dogs into the office.

We met first with an iSchool graduate and then we split up into three different breakout groups to get better insight into what Butler/Till does where they presented us with case studies focused on media, strategy, and analytics. In addition, they really emphasized the culture at the company and they genuinely valued work-life balance.



Visiting these three very different companies gave us a good overview of different industries that we can enter with an Information Management and Technology degree. I’m so glad I got to go on this road trip, it gave me a clearer idea of what I might want to do in the future.  If you haven’t gone on a road trip yet, take advantage of this unique opportunity that only the iSchool offers and I promise you won’t regret it.

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