Sally Gore G’04, head of research and scholarly communication services at University of Massachusetts Medical School’s Lamar Soutter Library, will speak on “Mitosis and the Life Cycle: A Metaphor for the Transformation of the Research Librarian.” Her lecture begins at 4 p.m. Thursday, October 7 in the Katzer Room, 347 Hinds Hall.

She will explain how the University of Massachusetts’ digital repository offers an entry into discussions with the research community about preservation and dissemination of work, scholarly publishing issues, and ultimately data management planning and data sharing.

Gore will also talk about successful cross-campus efforts involving five UMass campus libraries that promote continuing education and training to better prepare academic and research librarians to work in eScience.

Gore earned bachelor’s degrees in exercise physiology from the University of Southern Maine and in philosophy at James Madison University; a master of divinity at Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, an M.S. in exercise physiology at Ithaca College, and an M.S. in library and information science at Syracuse University School of Information Studies. She has worked as a librarian at Lamar Soutter Library since 2005, and also worked at the Main Medical Library in Portland, Maine.