By: Diane Stirling
(315) 443-8975

Information students and professionals seeking to gain new areas of knowledge and obtain skills in the realms of leadership development and management, technology applications, and user services are invited to take courses during the summer at the School of Information Studies (iSchool). That is when the iSchool conducts the annual Helen Benning Regnier Summer Institute on Leadership and Change in an Information Society.

The Regnier Institute's instructional team—comprised of iSchool faculty members and renowned workshop leaders—presents a range of courses that link theory to practical methods and strategies, based within the perspective that information is central to our society, now and in the future.

The classes are designed to be of interest to working professionals, alumni, current students and distance students. Courses being offered this year, listed by the dates they are scheduled, are:

May 13 – 17:
IST 639 Enterprise Technologies
IST 654 Information Systems Analysis
IST 687 Applied Data Science
IST 755 Strategic Management of Information Resources

May 20 – 21:
IST 600 Scripting Workshop

May 20 – 24:
IST 522 Applied Information Security
IST 700 Leading and Security Cyber Organizations

July 13 – 14:
IST 601 Information and Information Environments

July 15 – 19:
IST 511 Introduction to Library and Information Professions
IST 621 Introduction to Information Management
IST 653 Introduction to Telecommunications and Network Management

July 20 – 21:
IST 600 Effective Search Techniques IST 600 Fundamentals of Cloud Computing

July 22 – 28:
IST 600 Digital Forensics (7/22/13 – 7/28/13)

Online Course with Residency:
July 1 – 31:

IST 612 Youth Service in Library Information Centers
(Online July, Required Residency 7/22/13 – 7/25/13)

Online courses offered this summer:
May 20 – June 28, 2013
IST 646 Storytelling

May 20 – August 9:
IST 554 Information Architecture for Internet Services
IST 600 Blogging for Information Professionals
IST 600 Social Networking in Libraries
IST 614 Management Principles for Information Professionals
IST 618 Information Policy
IST 629 Organizational Information Security
IST 649 Human Interaction with Computers
IST 676 Foundations of Digital Data
IST 681 Metadata
IST 686 Enterprise Social Media
IST 700 CIO in Global Enterprises

Additional information on the program is available at: